Why WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Working?

Some people may complain about WhatsApp’s react feature not showing up. Are you one of them? Apparently there are a number of reasons why WhatsApp’s react feature is not showing up.

We suggest that users find out the triggers for WhatsApp’s react feature not showing up and find the right solution to deal with it. Here is the complete launch of Kompas.com in the article entitled ‘Why WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Working? This is the cause’.

WhatsApp has poured a new feature called “Reaction”. WhatsApp Reactions or what can also be called WhatsApp reactions, is a feature that allows users to respond to chats from other users using emojis. There are at least six emojis that users can use to respond to other people’s chats in private and group chat rooms, including thumbs, hearts, laughing, sad, surprised, to the emoji of both hands thank you.

Why WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Working?

Although it has started to be used, but there are likely to be some users who have not met them in the WhatsApp application for now. So, why is WhatsApp’s reaction feature not showing up in the app it happens?

There are at least two reasons why WhatsApp’s react feature is not working.

First, this feature does not appear can be caused because the user does not have the latest version of the WhatsApp application. Please note, this feature was released in WhatsApp app version for Android and WhatsApp for iOS.

Therefore, if WhatsApp reaction does not appear, try to check the version of the application used today.

The second reason is that this feature is rolled out (launched) in stages, so that the WhatsApp reaction problem does not appear, even though the user has updated the version of the application.

Quoted from the official Wabetainfo website, WhatsApp reactions will be fully accessed by all users no later than seven days since this feature was first released. So, wait until WhatsApp reactions appear automatically in the app.

Meanwhile, the characteristic if this feature is accessible in the WhatsApp application is the appearance of a menu containing six series of emojis while holding the chat that you want to respond to, such as the one you want to reply specifically to the chat. Then, when the menu appears, select one of the emoji that represents the response to the chat as a way to use the reactions feature in WhatsApp.

Once selected, the emoji will be pinned just below the chat you just responded to. After sending a response, the recipient will get a notification with a message that the chat has been responded to with a specific emoji.

If this feature is already in the WhatsApp application, notifications for responses can also be enabled or disabled via the “Reaction Notifications” option in the “Notifications” menu.

How to use whatsapp reaction feature

To use the WhatsApp Reactions feature, this method is quite easy. Here’s the complete one for how to use the react feature in whatsapp:

  • Open Chats in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Groups or individual apps
  • Type the message you want to react to, then press and hold (hold) the message until a pop-up appears containing six emoji
  • Select one of the emoji you want to react to
  • Then the selected Reacts Emoji will appear under the related message/chat
  • This reaction can be used multiple times, but the appearance of the emoji will change, so not all of them appear.

Then the previously used reaction can also be removed.

Reaction notification

If any message is responded to then he will receive a notification when his chat reacts from another user. The notification is the same as when a user receives a new WhatsApp message. Reaction WhatsApp notifications can be set via the menu “Settings/Settings”> Notifications. Keep scrolling down to the “reaction notification” option in the “messages” and “groups” sections.

Slide the switch on the right side towards the right until it turns green, to enable the Reactions notification to appear on the screen. Instead, swipe left until it turns gray so it doesn’t show the Reactions notification.

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