Why My Tiktok Account Was Banned For No Reason?

There are many reasons & factors why your Tiktok account is banned. For example, you could violate their Community Guidelines by posting content that could harm or spam other users with messages, comments, and exceeding the daily follow limit on Tiktok.

You may also use unsafe third party apps to try to increase views or likes and make money from Tiktok without realizing that it violates the Tiktok Community Guidelines.

Why My Tiktok Account Was Banned For No Reason?

My Tiktok account was banned for no reason?

I’ve often seen cases where accounts were erroneously deactivated because they didn’t violate any of the policies. Many accounts that have been mistakenly deactivated by Tiktok are presumed to have been viewed by people under the age of 13. Just imagine, how upset you would be if your Tiktok account was blocked (banned) for no definite reason.

But Luckily, if you want your account to go back to normal, all you need to do is submit an online appeal form with as much information as possible about what happened so they can review your appeal and possibly reactivate your Tiktok account.

Why My Tiktok Account Was Banned For No Reason?

However, filling out an appeal form is sometimes not enough to recover your Tiktok account. But in many other cases I’ve seen, repeatedly emailing Tiktok support managed to recover banned accounts.

In this article, we will discuss two ways to reactivate a deactivated Tiktok account. Let’s start by submitting an appeal form.

How to Recover Suspended Tiktok Account

1. Fill in the Appeal Form to Recover Banned Tiktok Account

It should be noted that this method of recovering your Tiktok account may not work if your account is permanently banned. You will not be able to contact Tiktok party support through the app. In this case, we can use another method.

Appeal Form

Follow the steps below to submit an appeal to Tiktok support:

  • Open your Tiktok app and go to ‘Profile’.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen
  • Select ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  • Go to the ‘SUPPORT’ option and press ‘Report a Problem’.
  • Now tap on the option that says ‘Accounts and profiles’.
  • Select ‘Profile Page’ and then ‘More’.
  • Finally, select ‘Still having problems’
  • Give a reason if your account has been inadvertently deactivated, then press ‘Report’ to file your appeal.

Here, you will explain to Tiktok why you believe that your account was wrongly deactivated. Wait a few hours to get a response from Tiktok. Hopefully, with this appeal, your banned Tiktok account can be restored to its original state.

2. Send a Tiktok Support Email privately

This solution will work better for temporarily or permanently banned Tiktok account issues, but is better suited for users who can’t log into the Tiktok app and submit appeals from here. In this case, you are required to send a private message and give reasons for the appeal as you did above.

To contact Tiktok support via email, you can send a message via email below.


Copy the email address above, then open the gmail application via your cellphone, compose a message and place the email above as the recipient. Write a request so that your account can be recovered, and give a reason so that Tiktok can recover your account.

To be able to get a fast response from Tiktok, often to send an email back for a fast response. If possible just once a day so as not to be considered spam.

Can a banned (deactivated) Tiktok account be recovered in this way?

Depends on the offense you make. If you don’t feel like you’re spamming or doing something that violates the rules of Tiktok, you can definitely recover. Because usually social media applications must have “supervisory robots” that can control client accounts. The robot’s assessment is not necessarily correct so it is possible that your account was disabled for no reason due to the Tiktok robot’s mistake.

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