Why is Audio Missing on Instagram Reels?

Some time ago, many Instagram users complained about the loss of sound when uploading videos on Reels.

Meta as the parent of Instagram opened up about the problem.

He called the audio loss in Reels accidental and a bug.

Why is Audio Missing on Instagram Reels?

“Due to a bug, the Reels download feature does not work as expected by iOS users and in some cases, audio is lost when downloaded,” said Meta spokesperson Seine Kim, quoted from The Verge, Saturday (20/8).

“We are working to address this issue as soon as possible.”

Instagram is reportedly upset because their users make videos on Reels and then upload them on another application, namely TikTok.

It started when a video uploaded on Reels was downloaded to an iPhone and edited, no sound came out.

In order for the sound to still appear, the user must upload the video to Reels.

That case does not happen on Android devices.

Social media platforms are starting to pay attention to the habit of users uploading short videos on other platforms.

Instagram previously said it would reduce the distribution of content originating from other platforms.

While YouTube, the platform provides a watermark for exported Shorts content.

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