WhatsApp Prepares Emoji Reactions in Status Updates

WhatsApp is preparing a new feature, namely emoji reactions, which will allow users to respond to incoming chats with a selection of available emojis without flooding a chat or group with new messages.

Well, the latest information on this emoji reaction feature will also be presented for status updates on WhatsApp. Similar features in Instagram Stories.

WhatsApp Prepares Emoji Reactions in Status Updates

The ‘Quick React’ feature will allow users to react to status updates with emojis. As per a report from WABetaInfo, there will be 8 emojis that users can choose from when reacting to status updates.

Launching from India Exprees, this includes emojis like folded hands, clapping, party poppers, and more. It is currently unknown whether the emoji list will be available by default or whether users will be able to customize the emoji they use the most.

Even though the screenshot itself is from the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, there’s a good chance the feature will also be coming to beta for the iOS and Android versions of the app as well.

Quick Reactions will be one of several major new features coming to the platform. WhatsApp is also soon bringing new community features to the app, along with other capabilities like group admins to delete messages for everyone.

Other features such as file sharing up to 2GB are also expected to come to the platform soon.

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