Want To Lock Apps On Android And iPhone? Here’s How

How to lock apps? You can find the information here for both Android and iPhone mobile phones. Locking applications is a form of safeguarding the security and privacy of gadget owners.

Here is a collection of ways to lock apps that you can try!

How to Lock Apps on Android

Want To Lock Apps On Android And iPhone Here's How

Android 10 and 9.0 Pie

If the cellphone used is based on Android 1- and 9.0 Pie, here’s how to lock the app:

  • Go to Settings/Settings
  • Select Security/Security or Biometrics and Security
  • Click Other Security Settings.
  • Find and click “Advanced”
  • Select the “Pin Windows” section
  • Turn on the setting for “Screen Pinning”
  • Then select “Ask for PIN Before Spinning”
  • Select the “overview” button and click the selected application
  • Click “Pin this app”, then enter your pin, pattern, password or biometric security to open the app.
  • Applications can be reused.

Android 8.0 Oreo and 7.0 Nougat

This is how to lock apps for Android 8.0 Oreo and 7.0 Nougat based phones:

  • Open “Settings/Settings”, then click the “Lock Screen and Security” section
  • Select “Other Security Settings”, then “Pin Windows”
  • Please select if you want to use the application lock in the “Use Screen Lock Type to Unpin” section
  • Select “Overview”, then “Thumbtack, and click “Start”
  • Please click the “back” and “Overview” buttons
  • Enter pattern, pin password, and scan for biometric security.

Samsung Secure Folder

Here’s how to lock apps using Samsung Secure Folder that you can try:

  • Select “Settings”, then click “Biometric and Security”
  • Click “Secure Folder”
  • Select “Agree” when a notification appears asking for approval and specify the lock type.
  • Please choose between pattern, pin, or password
  • Next, select “Secure Folder” and click “Add Apps”
  • Select the application you want and click “Add”
  • If so, click “Lock and Exit”
  • Later a notification will appear indicating that the secure folder has been locked.
  • Please enter pattern, pin, password, and biometric security.

Norton App Lock

Apart from Samsung Secure Folder, you can also use Norton App Lock to lock apps:

  • Find and download Norton App Lock on Google Play, then click “Install”
  • Open the application and agree to the “License Agreement, Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy” by clicking “Agree & Launch”
  • When the application asks for permission, please click “Ok”
  • Select “Allow Display Over Other Apps”
  • Click the “back” button, click “Setup” and select “Installed Services”
  • Please select Norton App Lock Service
  • Click the “Off” section and select “Allow”
  • Then click the back button and make sure Norton App Lock Services is installed.
  • Please enter the pattern and repeat a second time to confirm, then select Google Account for security purposes and click “Continue”
  • The app allows you to choose which apps to lock using a pattern.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Locking apps on iPhone can be done directly in the following ways:

  • Go to “Settings” and select the “Screen Time” section
  • Next, please select “Allowed Apps” to see which applications will be locked and not.
  • Return to “Home Screen” to save settings.

The second way to lock apps on iPhone is to use “Screen Time Limits Feature” and follow these steps:

  • Select Settings and go to “Screen Time”
  • Click the “App Limits” section and a list of apps will appear. You can set which apps are allowed to be locked and which are not.
  • You can only lock apps through the category menu.
  • Select the desired time limit, you can set and save the settings.

You can apply the next method to lock apps on your iPhone by using Guided Access. Here are the steps:

  • To enable Guided Access, select “Settings” and click “Accessibility”
  • Select enable “Guided Access”
  • After that, select the “Passcode Settings” section and install the “Guided Access Passcode.

This method includes the use of applications from third parties such as BioProtect, Locktopus, and AppLocker. This app is only supported by jailbroken iPhones and should be avoided as it is not recommended.

Thus information on how to lock applications on Android and iPhone phones. Hopefully useful for HP users who want to increase the security of their privacy.

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