Usvisascheduling com Reviews United States Visa Service – Customer calls and orders were suspended from July 26 to July 28 and payment services from July 25 to July 28. The service will resume on July 29th, the notice said.

“Attention! The customer service center is migrating to a new platform. Customer calls and appointment bookings will be suspended from July 26-28. Usvisascheduling com’s service for fee payments will be suspended from July 25-28. All services will resume on July 29 ,” the US Embassy in India tweeted on Monday.

Usvisascheduling com Reviews United States Visa Service

Providing updates on the new guidelines, a notice issued by the embassy further requests customers to take the steps below to make moving easy and convenient for them:

Make sure all data entered in your profile is complete and correct. If you need to correct any information, please do so as soon as possible.

If you plan to pay the visa application fee in the near future at, please do so before 24 July 2023, as the payment service will not be available from 25 July to 28 July to enable system changes. The service will resume on July 29, 2023.

If you have paid the visa fee but it is not associated with your profile, please make sure you are logged into your profile and associated your payment by entering the payment receipt number to your profile.

If you are a travel coordinator, group coordinator, or family, and you add dependent visa applicants to your primary applicant profile, please ensure that each dependent/applicant has a unique email address. This may mean changing the email address you currently have listed for them. Please contact our call center if you need assistance updating this information.

Meanwhile, United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, recently said that waiting times for first-time tourist visa interviews have been reduced by more than 50 percent, adding the target for 2023 is to process at least one million visas.

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