TikTok Enables Subtitles and Translate Features With AI

In 2021, TikTok launched the option to add captions to videos. However, the feature still requires content creators to add subtitles. In other words, TikTokers have to copy their own videos to produce subtitles. While this significantly improves the accessibility aspect, it is up to the content creator to attract viewers. If TikTokers don’t want to go the extra mile, their videos remain without subtitles and subtitles.

TikTok Enables Subtitles and Translate Features With AI

Going forward, viewers will no longer have to wait for TikToker to activate captions because TikTok has provided several updates. New additions can also help users overcome language barriers. With auto-generated subtitles, users can easily activate subtitles for any video. This will help viewers, who have hearing problems, or just want to catch every word of the clip, in a noisy environment.

Subtitles can also help you enjoy content without turning on audio. TikTok has also added translations for Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated text. AI-generated translations may not work well for every language, but automatically translated subtitles can help viewers enjoy the video even if they don’t understand the spoken words.

Translation also extends to text stickers. Part of the appeal of TikTok are stickers, and content creators use them freely. The translation feature will help ensure viewers don’t miss out on non-verbal content as well.

TikTok currently offers subtitles and subtitles for English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. It is possible that the platform will add support for more languages ​​in the near future.

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