Telegram Says New Features WhatsApp’s Are Out of Date

WhatsApp recently launched a chat transfer feature from iPhone to Android. Telegram immediately took advantage of this moment to mock WhatsApp because the Facebook-owned application was considered outdated.

A few days ago, WhatsApp announced the launch of the chat history transfer feature from iPhone to Android via Twitter. This is one of the most awaited features of WhatsApp users and has been tested for a long time.

Telegram Says New Features WhatsApp's Are Out of Date

But Telegram has had a similar feature for a long time. This application made by Pavel Durov immediately replied to WhatsApp’s tweet on Twitter with a GIF from the Jumanji film with the caption ‘What year is it?’.

Telegram also quipped WhatsApp because this feature is still available on a limited basis. Currently the new WhatsApp chat transfer feature is able to transfer data from iPhone to Android, and is only available for Samsung devices.

The chat transfer feature on WhatsApp and Telegram does have a different way of working. Chat transfer on WhatsApp is done directly from iPhone to Android phone using a cable and the Smart Switch application, without any data being sent to WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Telegram has an automatic chat backup feature to the cloud, so users can switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa without the need to move data.

Telegram fans were immediately crowded on Twitter to see their flagship messaging application satirizing competing applications. Currently, the Telegram satire has been retweeted more than 1,400 times and has been retweeted 801 times.

This is not the first time Telegram has attacked WhatsApp on social media. When WhatsApp introduced its controversial new privacy policy, Telegram responded with a coffin meme. Telegram and its founders also openly invite WhatsApp users to move to its platform.

Currently, Telegram’s popularity is on the rise, although it hasn’t beaten WhatsApp’s dominance. Not long ago Telegram entered the elite app club after being downloaded more than a billion times worldwide.

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