Send WhatsApp Chats Without Internet Connection, Here’s How!

Can’t reply to WhatsApp messages because your internet data quota is running out or your phone is dead because it’s low? Calm down there is a WhatsAppy to outsmart it. There are two steps to sending WhatsApp without an internet data quota or a cell phone in a dead condition of running out of battery. Everything can be done easily.

Send WhatsApp Chats Without an Internet Connection, Here's How!

1. WiFi Connection

If there is no internet quota, so you can still send WhatsApp, just connect to the WiFi network. It’s just that this method can’t be done when the phone is dead and out of power, so use the second step.

2. WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has a Multi-Device feature that allows users to independently access their WhatsApp to other devices. In the sense that it does not require a cellphone that is alWhatsAppys on and connected to the internet.

As we know, when accessing WhatsApp Web or Desktop, HP is required to be on standby. Once we are not connected to the internet, especially when it is off, we cannot send and receive messages on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.

The WhatsApp Multi-Device feature has begun to be rolled out to all users. But a little note, this new feature can only be used up to four devices.

Additionally some features are not currently supported. WhatsApp said in its blog post that users cannot clear or delete conversations on a connected device if the primary device is an iPhone.

Another limitation is that WhatsApp does not allow using this feature on tablets. Also, the app will not allow calls or messages to devices running older versions of the app. Connected devices cannot see real time location and cannot create or view broadcast messages.

Even though once connected we don’t need an internet-connected cellphone, but WhatsApp still provides limitations. So if you don’t open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone (connected to the internet) after 14 days then all linked devices will automatically exit.

When it comes to security, there’s no need to worry, WhatsApp has ensured that the Multi Device feature supports end-to-end encryption. This means that all private messages, media, and calls will be kept private.

How to send WhatsApp when the cellphone is off or not connected to the internet

It should be noted that you will be asked to link your device to WhatsApp Web or Desktop at an early stage. After that you can use WhatsApp without connecting the cellphone. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open WhatsApp on the cellphone and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner (Android) or press the Settings menu in the lower right corner (iPhone)
  • Tap the Linked Devices option
  • Tap Multi-Device Beta at the bottom. WhatsApp will then display a page explaining the feature limitations and other things.
  • Tap the Join Beta or Join Beta button, followed by pressing Continue or Next
  • Then just link the cellphone to WhatsApp Web or Desktop by scanning the QR code
  • From here you can use WhatsApp Web or Desktop without the need for a cellphone to be connected to the internet.

That’s the discussion about how to send WhatsApp chats without an internet connection. Hopefully the above discussion can be useful for you in using WhatsApp.

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