Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Reportedly Burned

A surprising news hit Samsung, where their latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold3 reportedly caught fire and emitted smoke.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Reportedly Burned

The incident of the explosion of the Galaxy Z Fold3 was experienced by Chad Christian, who is an expert on stock investment and trading from the United States.

Christian shared a moment where his Galaxy Z Fold3 device was seen emitting smoke. He was surprised when thick smoke started to come out.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 blew up on me when I was getting ready to box it up. Had to throw it in the garage. Definitely had some integrity damage. Can you imagine if it did this in shipping 🙁

— Chad Christian – American Dream Trading (@CoachCWC) September 26, 2021

“The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 exploded when I was getting ready to pack it up. I had to throw it in the garage. There must have been some damage in it. Can you imagine if this happened in shipping?” said Christian.

Christian explains that the device doesn’t just emit smoke. According to him a few days ago his Galaxy Z Fold3 fell while he was cycling

“For your information, this phone (which I just brought back from a Samsung repair center where I was told to send it in for a replacement) fell off my bike a while back. A week or so,” he wrote. “I believe there was a breach of integrity that caused this.”

Looking at this case, it is very likely that this problem is caused by damage to the inside of the device after a hard fall while the user is cycling.

Not because it is caused by problems with manufacturing defects and so on. But until this news was published, Samsung had not made an official statement.

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