Microsoft Rewards Robux To Get Free Robux On Roblox

Microsoft Bing Robux, Microsoft free 100 Robux, Free Robux Microsoft Rewards – Recently, Microsoft held a new giveaway for Roblox game users who use Xbox, where Microsoft will give 100 robux for free in the Microsoft Rewards Program. If you want to join this program, you can follow it from now on for a limited time, so that you Xbox users can get 100 robux for free.

Follow Microsoft Rewards and get free robux

For those of you who want to get 100 robux for free on Microsoft Rewards, it’s very easy for you to do it. You must first enroll yourself in Microsoft Rewards with the free program from Micrsofot. After you are registered, you can get 5 points, if you use for searches you need information.

Free Robux On Microsoft Rewards, Here's How

Later, from every search result on, the points you get will be accumulated. The points you get are from the Microsoft Rewards program, which you can exchange at the online Microsoft Store and also on Windows 10, which you can buy points with Roblox Gift Cards, Xbox Cards, Game Passes, Several gift cards and others. Then how do you get free robux in the Microsoft Rewards program?

How to Get Free Robux on Microsoft Rewards

For those of you who are users of the Roblox game on Xbox, you can join the Microsoft Rewards program to collect points in the following ways:

  • Register yourself at Microsoft Rewards HERE
  • Once you are there, just click the ‘Join Now to Claim Your Robux’ button.
  • Then you click ‘Create a new Microsoft Account’
  • After that you scroll down and look for the ‘More Activities’ button
  • Then after that look for the ‘Claim your Robux’ button and then click ‘Redeem Now’
  • Then click ‘Redeem Rewards’
  • After that you verify via cellphone.
  • You will get a Robux eGift Card via email if the verification is successful.
  • Go to ‘Redeem Roblox cards’
  • After that you just enter the PIN that you got from the email you received, and verify it until you get the free robux.

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So, for those of you who want to join the Microsoft Reward program to get free robux on Xbox. You must first create an account at Microsoft Rewards, and your job is to use to search your activities for information. Later you will get points from your results using and you can exchange them for roblox giftcards at the Microsoft Store.

That’s our discussion about the Microsoft Rewards program to get free robux on Roblox Xbox. If you are interested in following it, register now because it’s the best time and get free robux from Microsoft Rewards.

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