Marigold Fortnite – How to Get Marigold Skins in Fortnite

Marigold Pack Fortnite – Recently there was news that the game developer Fortnite launched Female Midas and it was true. Now the Marigold Fortnite skins are present in the game to add to the fun of the game in the latest update Fortnite 15.50 which is very elegant seen in the Fortnite game.

Marigold Fortnite - How to Get Marigold Skins in Fortnite

The Female Midas bundle, which is commonly known as the Golden Touch bundle, and of course the Female Midas skins are very much awaited by Fortnite game fans today, so that they can be owned and add to the excitement of playing the Fortnite game.

How to get Female Midas Fortnite / Marigold Fortnite 

Marigold Fortnite Skins or Female Midas are here and can be obtained by Fortnite game fans. The skin provided in the Golden Touch Bundle has a golden sword with a pickaxe, and has a bronze appearance with a gold gambit that looks very elegant.

The Skin Back bling Gold Gambit and Marigold Fortnite can be edited. Skins that can be changed with their golden look in one style, make these skins attractive to have.

Based on our current observation, the bundle for these skins is not yet available in the item store. But it is reported that after the release of the Marigold Felame Fortnite skin, the game developer will soon present it in the item store.

How much does the Marigold Female Midas Fortnite skins bundle cost

It’s not clear how many vbucks it will cost to own a Marigold Fortnite. But there is news that the bundle will cost you as much as 2200 vbucks, to be able to have the Marigold Female Midas Fortnite skins.

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