Leaked New Face of Windows 11, What’s It Like?

Microsoft will showcase Windows 11 on June 24. A week before it was announced, the operating system’s new interface was leaked on the internet.

The new face of Windows 11 was first circulated through two screenshots uploaded on the Baidu forum. Not long after, The Verge journalist Tom Warren managed to find more information about Windows 11.

Leaked New Face of Windows 11, What's It Like

From the videos and screenshots that Warren found, the Windows 11 interface and Start menu look similar to those used in Windows 10X. Microsoft did develop the operating system for dual-screen devices, but then canceled it to focus on Windows 11.

One of the biggest changes that can be seen in Windows 11 is the layout of the taskbar where the Start button and application icons are placed in the center of the taskbar. But the position of the Start button and this icon can be moved to the left of the screen.

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