Latest Features in WhatsApp Voice Notes, Here’s How to Use It

WhatsApp recently announced three new features for Voice Note. Now the user can pause it first, before ending the recording to be sent. This online chat application made by Meta, indeed often provides updates for the various features it has. The goal is none other than to provide the best experience for all users around the world.

Latest Features in WhatsApp Voice Notes, Here's How to Use It

This is because WhatsApp itself is very popular, and has been downloaded by more than 5 billion people on the Google Play Store. Through the advantages it carries, this application is able to attract the attention of many people, in order to give a positive impression of the benefits it provides. It is evident from the rating it gets, which is 4.3 stars out of a total of 165 million reviews. Based on our search results, here are the three latest WhatsApp features that are presented specifically for Voice Note.

WhatsApp Voice Note New Features

1. Adjusting the Speed ​​of Sound

Here, the user can adjust the speed of the voice recording from family or friends. WhatsApp provides three options, including normal speed at 1.0x, then 1.5x, and finally 2.0x. This feature also applies to those who send voice recordings. The process is similar, you only need to click the number to the right or left of the voicemail.

2. Pause feature

Now you can pause or pause while recording. Then before sending, you can listen to it first, to make sure the sound is appropriate. The pause feature is very useful for those who are very careful about sending Voice Notes. So, if there is an error, the user can re-record it and it doesn’t have to be sent first like before.

3. Listening to Voice Notes While Chatting or Opening Other Applications

This third feature is very beneficial for its users. How not, now you don’t have to wait for the voice messages sent to be heard, then finally come out to reply to other people’s chats. Using this latest WhatsApp feature, you can listen to voice messages sent by family or friends, while replying to other chats. Even when you open another application, you can still listen to it until it’s finished.

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