Instagram Tests Notification Feature If Service is Down

Last week, many users in many countries including Indonesia complained that their applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp could not be accessed for several hours.

It seems that because of this, Instagram has announced that it has started testing a new feature that will notify users if its service is down or down.

This new feature will later appear at the top of the Activity Feed containing warnings of disturbances and information when the disturbance has been resolved.

Instagram Tests Notification Feature If Service is Down

This feature was created by Instagram after discussions with the community and extensive research. The company explains that Instagram’s interruptions frustrate its users. That’s why they want users to know what’s going on right from Instagram.

Instagram explains that the app will not send notifications whenever an interruption occurs. However, if many users are confused and need an answer then Instagram will send the notification.

Instagram said, “We’re testing a new feature that will notify you in the Activity Feed when Instagram experiences a technical glitch or problem, or when it’s resolved.”

Testing of this feature will be conducted in the United States over the next few months. Likewise this test is also likely to be extended to more countries.

With this feature is also expected to provide clear information to users why the service is experiencing disruption or down.

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