Instagram App Can’t Open On Android? Here’s How To Fix It

Of the many applications installed on your cellphone, perhaps the Instagram application is one of the most opened applications, because it is the most popular social media application today. But what happens if the Instagram application has problems and can’t be run? To find out the cause and also how to overcome it, please refer to the editorial review in the continuation of the article below.

In recent times, there have been a number of Instagram application users who have complained that they are having problems, where their Instagram application cannot be opened. If you are one of them, you can try several ways to be able to reopen the Instagram application. Here are the causes of the Instagram application not opening and the solution.

Instagram App Can't Open On Android

How To Fix Instagram Application Can’t Be Opened

In connection with the topic of this article, regarding what causes the Instagram application to crash and cannot be opened on the user’s device, the following editor will provide a detailed explanation. In addition to finding out what the cause is, the editors have also provided solutions to overcome these problems. Please read the following article to the end, then practice it on your problematic Instagram application.

Instagram App Not Updated

One of the causes of the Instagram application not being able to open is the application that is expired or expired because it is not updated. When your Instagram crashes and can’t be opened, try to remember the last time you updated the app. Outdated apps can cause errors.

Instagram that cannot be opened due to expiration is often experienced by users who use internet data packages and this case is rare for Wifi users. The Instagram application will be updated automatically with a Wifi internet network.

The solution for this is to update the Instagram app by opening the Google Play store and pressing the vertical three dots icon in the top right corner. Select Apps and Games and select Instagram to update.


The presence of a virus on your Android can also be the cause of the Instagram application not opening. For those of you who still want to log in but Android has a virus, you can do this. You can download and install an antivirus application. After that, scan all the data on Android.

Smartphone Hangs Due to Multitasking

Smartphone now has a fairly sophisticated design. You can open 2 to several applications at the same time. You can also run several applications at the same time. You can also temporarily disable the cellphone when it hangs due to overheating.

If you open applications one by one and according to smartphone specifications, this will not be a problem. This can also be one of the causes of the Instagram application not being able to open because multitasking is too heavy.

Your Android components and hardware can get damaged if you have multiple apps open at the same time. Damage is indicated by smartphone that quickly feels hot. To solve Instagram that can’t be opened because of this activity, there are things you should pay attention to.

The thing you should avoid is opening both applications at the same time. You can open one app first and maximize it wisely. When you’re done, you can open other apps to complete the required activities.

Full Internal Storage

A full room can also cause the Instagram application to not open. In addition, this can also cause the Instagram application that you are running suddenly closed. Provision of narrow memory space also has an impact on smartphone’s performance being not optimal.

The system will find it difficult to open applications when the free space storage is tight. An attempt to deal with this is to remove apps that you don’t use and don’t need. You can also clean files in the internal storage such as videos, music, and photos that are not used anymore. Rarely, you also move the file if you don’t want to delete it.

Using Unofficial Instagram Apps

The next cause that can cause the Instagram application to not open is the application that you are using is not official. Illegal applications are one of the causes of applications that cannot be operated. You can delete the illegal application, then download and install the legal application on Android.

Please download the official application for free on the Google Play Store to overcome one of the causes of the Instagram application cannot be opened due to the use of illegal applications.

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