How To View Wifi Passwords Saved On Android

After successfully connecting to the WiFi network, Android phones can generally automatically connect to the WiFi network at a later time. Thus, users no longer need to enter the wifi password again and again, if they want to use the same wifi.

How To View Wifi Passwords Saved On Android

Due to this automatic feature, users may forget the WiFi password they have. As a result, the phone or other users cannot connect to the WiFi network because they do not know the WiFi password.

To solve this, don’t reset your wifi router. There is a trick to see the forgotten WiFi password. This trick uses a feature that can help other users to connect to a WiFi network, if the Android phone user first saves the password of the WiFi network in question. What’s more, here’s how to see the WiFi saved on Android phone.

  • How to view saved wifi passwords on Android phone
  • Go to “Settings/Settings” > “Wi-Fi” menu.
  • Select the name of the wifi that is currently connected.
  • A barcode bar appears which can be scanned by others.
  • Barcode scanning uses a mobile phone to connect to a WiFi network.
  • On your phone, a page will appear showing your name, password, and the type of WiFi security.
  • WiFi Password should not be displayed. To view wifi password, just text “password”.
  • Press the “Connect to this Network/Connect to this Network” button.
  • The Android phone will automatically connect to the WiFi network without the need to enter a password.

It should be noted that the steps above may vary slightly depending on the type of phone you are using. For information, Kompastekno tried this method using a Xiaomi Mi 10 Android phone running the Android 11 operating system.

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