How To View Game History Installed on Android

How to view game history on Android can easily use the application. You just follow the steps and you will see some games that have been played. As the development of the world of technology affects many things.

Even the use of Android-based smartphones is not only for communication. Smartphones today have a fairly important role. Almost everyone has it to help facilitate the activities carried out using the media. For example, for work, school, even now there are many online games that make a lot of money.

With the large selection of games that you can now play on your Android phone, the demand is increasing. There are many games that you can play in fact there are only a few that are not deleted right away.

Especially for you lovers of Android games, of course you always want to try new games all the time. So that it makes the smartphone’s storage memory full. If this has happened, you will inevitably have to delete some applications to be able to install new games.

By using the way to view game history on Android, you can still see what games have been played. If you want to try it again, you can also reinstall it and play it.

Here’s How to View Game History on Android

Android devices are increasingly experiencing many rapid developments. Even now every company is always trying to create the latest products with various interesting features. One activity that is now quite popular in the use of Android smartphones is playing games. Moreover, games on Android are also increasingly popping up.

You can play it both online and offline. Due to the large number of games, not a few Android smartphone users install and play more than one game. Not even a few of them are changing games and stored in Android history. If you want to play the game again, you can easily find the information.

Here’s an easy way you can do to find out what games have been installed on your Android.

Using App Help

There is a way to view game history on Android using the help of an application. Actually there are many Google applications that you can use. However, to view Android game history, you can use the help of an application called Google Play Games. There are ways you can do to view the history of using the application.

Download App

The first step you can take to view game history on Android, of course, is to install the application first. Please download and install the application Google Play Games on your smartphone.

You don’t need to be confused looking for it, because this application is already available on the Google Play Store. You can simply search by typing the name of the application in the Play Store search and you can download it.

How To View Game History Installed on Android


After the application is installed, run it immediately and log in using your Google account. On the main page will appear the last game you ever played.

To see some other games you can swipe to the left of the screen and press up on the games library button at the bottom.

Game Library

How to view game history on Android is certainly quite easy. Use the Google Play Games app and follow the next steps. When viewing the history section as a whole, two options will appear, namely installed and non-installed.

In the list of games you’ve played, just scroll down to the non-installed section until the last game information is complete. By following these steps, the information about the games you’ve played on Android will be clear. If you want to try playing it again, just uninstall the application.

How to find out which applications have been downloaded

In addition to using the way to view game history on Android, you can also see all the applications that have ever existed. You can use the following steps. So that you can find out the various applications that have been downloaded thoroughly.

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Then you can select the profile option
  • My apps and games will appear for you to use
  • Select a collection or library option.

By using these steps, you will see how to view the history of games on Android that you have downloaded on Android. When you want to delete a game that is in the history, simply click the X on the side of the application list.

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