How to Video Call Groups on Telegram

Telegram has finally released a video calling feature for group calls after more than a year of being announced. This feature is available to all users with a variety of devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets, to desktop versions of the application.

The way to make a video call in the Telegram group is to just tap the camera icon during a group audio call. This camera icon will activate the call in the video version.

How to Video Call Groups on Telegram

Once enabled, users can pin any of the group members to see their videos on the front. Telegram also provides the option to share the screen along with the video being turned on.

For tablet and desktop versions of Telegram users, they get a feature in the form of a side panel and a split screen containing a video grid or a list of participants.

The application also ensures that it will optimize for calls in portrait or landscape mode. In the desktop version, users also get the option when entering in share screen mode.

That means they can choose to show the share screen and one participant speaking, instead of showing the entire screen containing all participants.

This feature is similar to what’s already in zoom, where the host can display the shared screen and only show one screen to the speaker.

Unlike group audio calls, which do not limit participants, Telegram group video calls are limited to 30 people. However, Telegram promised to update the list of participants who joined the call soon.

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