How To Use Urban Dictionary on Instagram

Check out how to use the Urban Dictionary to follow the Show Your Names sticker trend on Instagram Stories and viral Twitter. The function of the Urban Dictionary is as a dictionary of urban slang and also the meaning of names, including the names of people who are familiar.

From the ‘Add Yours’ feature or often called ‘Show your name in the Urban Dictionary’, some name meanings have harsh meanings and others are positive. Using the Urban Dictionary is very easy, you just need to access the page.

How To Use Urban Dictionary on Instagram

Then, type your name or your friend’s name in the Urban Dictionary web and press ‘Enter’. You can also submit or enter the meaning of a word by pressing the ‘+’ icon. Later, you will enter the ‘New Word’ page.

With the tagline “All definitions in Urban Dictionary are written by people like you. Now is your chance to add your own!”, you are also invited to add slang. As for the addition of words or names with meanings, the Urban Dictionary page is advised not to include hate speech or someone’s privacy information.

Later, there will be four fields that must be filled. The first column is ‘Word’ or the word to be entered into the Urban Dictionary. The second column is the definition of the word you have entered. Use English to define the word.

The third column is an example of the use of words in everyday slang. Don’t forget to use English in writing. Then the last column, enter the tag as a keyword marker that is suitable for the word you entered.

After that click ‘Submit’. The requirement to enter this slang and meaning is that you must register and login to get an account at Urban Dictionary. 

For info, Urban Dictionary was the first to bring up the abbreviations LOL (Laugh Out Loud), YOLO (You Only Live Once), and Harambe.

That’s how to use Urban Dictionary’s slang dictionary when it’s trending or viral ‘Show the meaning of your name’ on Instagram and Twitter.

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