How to Use Reactions Feature, Give Emoji in WatsApp Chat

WhatsApp (WA) has finally rolled out the Reactions feature to users. This feature can be used to respond to chats from other users by using the available emoji. There are six emojis that users can use to respond to a chat which consists of thumbs, hearts, laughing, sad, surprised emojis to the two-handed emoji symbol of gratitude.

How to Use Reactions Feature, Give Emoji in WatsApp Chat

The Reactions feature can already be tried by WhatsApp users in Indonesia. This feature is present in WhatsApp version for the Android version. How to use the WhatsApp Reactions feature How to use the WhatsApp Reactions feature is fairly easy, as easy as using the WhatsApp message reply feature. Here’s how to use the WhatsApp Reactions feature by giving emojis in private chats or WA groups.

  • Open one of the chats on the WhatsApp application, both group and individual WhatsApp
  • Select a message that you want to give Reactions to, then press and hold on the message until a pop-up appears showing six emojis
  • Choose one of the available Reactions emoji
  • Next, the Reactions emoji you selected will appear below the related message/chat

User can give Reactions many times. However, the displayed emoji will change instead of being stacked. Users can also delete previously used Reactions. Can set Reactions notifications The owner of the message being responded to will receive a notification when his chat gets Reactions from other users. The notification is the same as when a user receives a new WhatsApp message.

Users can set WhatsApp Reactions notifications via the “settings”> notification menu. Then, scroll down until you find the “Reaction notification” option in the “Messages” and “Groups” sections. Slide the toggle (the button on the right) right (turns green) to enable Reaction notifications to appear on the screen, or swipe left (turns gray) to turn off Reaction notifications.

Although it can be tried in Indonesia, the distribution of this feature seems to be uneven. Because, we have not got the same features. It is likely that this feature will be available gradually. The Reactions feature is already available on the WhatsApp application, both versions of Android, iOS, and desktop. You can check for application updates to make sure whether the WhatsApp Reactions feature can be tried or not.

In the future, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would increase the number of emojis so that more reactions users can express in chats on WhatsApp. “We included (hands fused emoji) to help express our gratitude. Em

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