How to Use New Messages Feature On iOS 16

Apple said there are a number of new features contained in iOS 16. These features were publicly disclosed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June. Among those features are edit messages, new lock screen customization options, Apple Pay Later, and SharePlay added to Messages.

How to Use iOS 16's New Messages Feature

Here’s how the new Messages feature works, quoted by CNet, Saturday (6/8/2022).

1. Edit the message you have sent

If you’re using a messaging tool like Slack, chances are you’ve edited at least one or 100 messages you’ve sent.

The editing features are a great way to make corrections quickly. With iOS 16, you can also edit messages sent from your iPhone within 15 minutes of sending.

To edit a text message, you’ll need to launch Messages and go to any thread that uses iMessage, which you might recognize as blue text. This feature will not work with SMS text messages or green texts.

Then press and hold your finger on the message you want to edit. This will bring up Tapback reactions and a quick action menu. Then finally, tap Edit.

You can edit the text right away. You can delete the entire message, correct an error, or add more text to it. Once done, hit the blue checkmark button on the right side to save your edits. You can only edit one message up to five times.

2. Immediately remember accidentally sent messages

Accidentally sent messages are common. Maybe you tap the send button when you mean to select an emoji. Or maybe you messaged the wrong person completely. In either case, you can cancel the message with iOS 16.

To cancel it, first launch the Messages app, press and hold the message (blue text only) you want to unsend, then tap Undo Send. The text will disappear from both your thread and the recipient.

That’s our day’s talk about how to use the new messages feature in iOS 16. Hope it helps you and thanks for reading.

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