How To Update Emojis On Android All Device

This time we will provide a guide on how to update Android emoji. Be it Samsung, VIVO, Oppo, Xiaomi and others. As we know, emoji is a mandatory feature that should be in the Chat application on the cellphone. Without adding emojis, chat feels sloppy. With emoji we can add emotion to the text we write. For example, sad, laughing crying and others.

Why do we need to update emoji on Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi or other Android is of course the one who knows for sure is you as a user. But in general, if this emoji is not updated it can cause. We have the same emojis. Then, when our chat friends send the latest version of the emoji. While we ourselves are still using the old version. Usually the emoji updates are not legible on our phones. Because we don’t have the emoji update yet.

This is then the reason that many Android users want to update their emoji chat. Besides being able to have more stock, new emoji displays will also be obtained, of course.

How To Update Emojis On Android All Device

How to Update Emojis On Android All Device

1. Update Android OS Version

Each version of Android has its own emoji. For example, on Android 11 it has 117 characters. Some of the emojis you don’t get in previous OS versions. To find out if your phone has got the latest version of emojis, here’s how:

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Then open the About / About menu,
  • For VIVO devices you can open Other Settings first,
  • then go to About Phone
  • There you will see the Android version.

If the version is still not 11, you can go to System Update in the Settings menu. There if it is possible to update the OS, a button will appear to update. Make sure here you are connected with an internet connection and the phone battery is more than 50%.

However, this does not apply to all Android phones or brands. Especially for Android which was launched more than 1 year ago. If that’s the case, you can follow the following guide again.

2. Use Emoji Kitchen

If you are still using the original default Android keyboard. You can still get new sticker mashups. This is according to the social media platform you are using. This time, let’s say Facebook Messenger. The method :

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Next, tap on one of your contacts to start a conversation.
  • Tap the text bar to start typing.

Next, tap on the emoji button (which has a smiling face). Select the emoji of your choice to activate the Emoji Kitchen feature.

From here, you can see possible emoji combinations on top of your keyboard. Swipe through the stickers and select the one you want to send.

But you need to know, not every chat application supports the new emoji kitchen.

3. Install New Keyboard

One other solution, if you want to get the latest Android emoji updates without root, is to install a third-party keyboard. Please note that in the Playstore there are several keyboards that we can install. And each of these keyboards has an emoji that is not found in the Android default emoji.

In addition, some keyboards are also equipped with the meaning of each emoji. So apart from having a new Android emoji update. We can also understand more precisely the meaning of the emoji.

In this case, you can use Emoji keyboard, Ginger Keyboard, Chrome Keyboard, Swift Keyboard. And there are still several other keyboard alternatives that you can try.

How to use it, the same as using other applications. Please install the application from Google Play, once installed. Automatically, will display a new keyboard after we use the text pad.

4. Custom Emojis

Related to this Android emoji. Here we also include with third-party applications that allow you to create your own emojis. So here, you can create your own emoji. Even emojis featuring your own photos or images. One of the most popular emoji maker apps is Bitmoji.

Here’s how to get a lot of stock emoji through this Bitmoji:

  • Install the application through the Playstore, then register via your email.
  • If so, please login using the account you have created/registered. You can also register directly via Snapchat.
  • Next, select the gender for your Bitmoji avatar. You can also take selfies and the app creates an avatar that closely resembles the user or designs it from scratch. Here you can customize your clothes, hairstyle, skin tone, and more.
  • Once it looks good with your avatar, tap Save in the top right corner.
  • Then, select the keyboard in the lower right corner of the homepage. After that, tap on enable settings in the next menu.
  • You can also switch your phone’s keyboard to Bitmoji by tapping Settings , then selecting managed keyboard, and selecting Bitmoji from the list that appears.

That’s what we can share regarding how to update Android emoji. You can also wait for Google to update emojis for Android. But if, you already want to use a new emoji. You can try any of what we mentioned above.

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