How to Unlock Wolf in Brawl Stars? Complete Guide

How to Unlock Wolf in Brawl Stars? Complete Guide

How to Unlock Wolf in Brawl Stars? Complete GuideBrawl Stars, the action-packed mobile game developed by Supercell, continually introduces new and exciting content to keep players engaged. Among the various Brawlers that players can unlock, the enigmatic and powerful Wolf stands out as a formidable force on the battlefield. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps and strategies for unlocking Wolf in Brawl Stars, allowing players to harness the strength of this fearsome character.

What is Wolf in Brawl Stars?

Wolf, also known as Wolfenstein, is a mythical Brawler with a unique set of abilities. As a member of the Chromatic rarity class, unlocking Wolf requires specific actions and progression within the game. Wolf is classified as a Mythic Brawler, which places him among the more exclusive and powerful characters in the Brawl Stars lineup.

How to Unlock Wolf in Brawl Stars? Complete Guide

1. Reach Trophy Milestones

Wolf becomes available for unlocking as players progress through the Trophy Road. The Trophy Road is a system that rewards players with Brawlers, coins, and other goodies as they reach certain trophy milestones.

2. Navigate the Trophy Road

Access the Trophy Road by tapping on the trophy icon in the main menu. Progress through the Trophy Road by accumulating trophies through victories in various game modes.

3. Reach the Mythic Box

Continue advancing on the Trophy Road until you reach the Mythic Box. This special box contains Wolf as a potential reward, and unlocking it is a crucial step in obtaining this formidable Brawler.

4. Collect and Open the Mythic Box

Once you reach the Mythic Box, collect it from the Trophy Road menu and open it. The contents of the box are random, but among the potential rewards is the chance to unlock Wolf.

5. Repeatable Process

Keep in mind that reaching the Mythic Box is not a one-time achievement. Players can repeat the process by pushing their trophy count higher and unlocking additional Mythic Boxes, increasing their chances of obtaining Wolf.

Strategies for Efficient Trophy Collection

  • Winning matches in various game modes is the most effective way to accumulate trophies. Prioritize game modes that align with your playstyle and Brawler strengths.
  • Forming a team with friends or club members can enhance your coordination and communication, leading to more victories and faster trophy progression.
  • Take advantage of special Trophy Road events that offer bonus trophies for a limited time.
  • Participating in these events can significantly expedite your progress.
  • Experiment with one of a kind Brawlers to locate those that fine match your playstyle. Using a diverse set of Brawlers can be advantageous in adapting to various game modes and opponents.

Leveraging Power Points and Upgrades

  • Power Points are essential for upgrading and strengthening your Brawlers. Collect Power Points for Wolf by opening Brawl Boxes and participating in events.
  • Once you’ve unlocked Wolf, invest collected Power Points to upgrade his abilities and increase his overall power. Upgrading Brawlers enhances their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Community Strategies and Tips

  • Stay connected with the Brawl Stars community to gain insights into effective strategies for unlocking Wolf. Online forums, social media groups, and community discussions can offer valuable tips and advice.
  • Observing gameplay from top-tier players and professional Brawl Stars streamers can provide valuable insights into effective strategies, tactics, and the optimal use of Wolf in battles.


Unlocking Wolf in Brawl Stars is an exciting journey that involves strategic gameplay, trophy collection, and perseverance on the Trophy Road. By focusing on efficient trophy collection, leveraging community insights, and upgrading Wolf strategically, players can add this mythical Brawler to their arsenal and unleash his power on opponents. Embark on the quest to unlock Wolf, master his unique abilities, and dominate the Brawl Stars arena with this formidable and elusive character. The battlefield awaits – are you ready to join the ranks of the elite with Wolf by your side?

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