How to Unblock Contacts on Telegram

How to unblock Telegram you can do yourself. Even the steps are quite easy without having to ask for help. Not only that, but you can also apply this method to all types of Android phones. Be it Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and others.

Maybe you also feel confused when you want to unblock or see the list of contacts that have been blocked, right? If so, then don’t panic, because there are some easy tips that you should follow so you don’t get confused and troubled again.

How to Unblock Contacts on Telegram

How to Unblock Android Telegram, Beginners Must Know

As we know that Telegram is one of the messaging or chats that has many users. Like WhatsApp, Telegram also comes with many cool and interesting features for users who use it.

It’s the same as other social media accounts, because users can also block other people if it’s very annoying. So things like that often arise questions about how to open Telegram which is blocked from others.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to unblock Telegram Android, if you are one of them then don’t worry. Previously there were also many reasons why someone would prefer to block their own Telegram number as well.

One of them is because there are problems such as wanting to avoid communicating with other people for a while. If you are about to give understanding but have already blocked it, then don’t be confused, because there are many ways you can do it.

Features of Telegram Having Blocked

Before proceeding to how to unblock Telegram Android, it’s better if you know the characteristics of Telegram that are experiencing blocking. So from here you can review the characteristics of the accounts that have blocked us.

In general, our account actually has many signs or characteristics that the account is blocked by other people. Call it like we can not send messages or call with people who have blocked us. One of the main characteristics is that we can no longer see their profile picture and can’t see their status. Furthermore, we will also not be able to receive messages until we make calls anyway.

Then the contact becomes no response then no warning at all. Well, if you have encountered such a thing, then someone else blocked your Telegram.

How to View Blocks on Telegram?

Before discussing how to unblock Telegram Android, then you also have to know how to see the block first. Actually, to be able to see a list of contacts that have been blocked is quite easy and simple. The first step you can go directly to the Telegram application and click the three-dot option in the upper left corner. Then select the Settings menu then Privacy and security then block list.

Well, from there you can see a list of contacts and accounts that you have blocked before. Meanwhile, to unblock it, you click the three-dot option on the side of the contact. You can immediately unblock the block, so that you can successfully release Telegram contacts. You can also directly continue chatting with other people.

How to Unblock on Telegram

Now you should know how to unblock Telegram on Android, just using an Android device feels very easy. First, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet source. Well, the first step is to download the Telegram X application on your cellphone until it is completely installed. Then go to the application and look at the top left and select the icon.

Then you go directly to the Settings menu and in this section it is located on the three line icon on the top left. Continue by selecting the Privacy & Security menu (privacy and Security). Well, in this section several options will appear and you can see some users who have been blocked before. So all you have to do is cancel the account you want to unblock at the three dots next to it.

After knowing how to unblock Telegram Android, you can now try and apply it immediately. It’s easy enough right?

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