How to Turn Off Disable Adblock on Android

How to turn off Android adblock can be in several methods. One of them is the UC Browser and Opera Mini browser applications. So that it is installed on Android which already has the default adblock of each smartphone. Sometimes to remove ads while surfing the web requires an adblock feature.

Adblock itself is a useful way to block ads that appear frequently. Because these ads will interfere with internet access. However, by using the adblock feature, users can enjoy various content on their favorite sites. So that it will not be disturbed by ad content that often appears.

How to Turn Off Disable Adblock on Android

How to turn off Android adblock is quite simple. There are several methods you can do. Turning off the adblock feature is often done, because it has been activated there are usually some sites that don’t appear. So you can turn off the Adblock feature before accessing the site.

How to Turn Off Adblock on Android

The use of the Adblock feature does help Android users to be able to eliminate ads that often appear. Unfortunately, when used, there are problems that can arise, namely the site is difficult to open. For that, there are some Android users who delete it before starting to open the site. By turning off this feature on Android, it helps users surf more smoothly.

Surfing the internet through the chrome browser is possible without ads. When the Adblock feature is active, a red notification will appear above Google Ads. However, users cannot see these ads. This is what often annoys Android users. So decided to remove adblock.

Here are 2 methods that you can use when you want to remove the adblock feature, namely:

Turning off Adblock in Opera Mini

Actually doing the right method will make it easier for you to remove ads while surfing the internet. One of them is by using the Android smartphone’s default adblock feature. However, there is also a way to turn off Android adblock if it is necessary. You can use the method of turning off adblock in opera mini.

  • Please open the Opera Mini Android application
  • Then you can click the opera mini logo which is in the lower right position of the display
  • If it’s normal, Ad blocking will appear
  • Please click Ad blocking to turn off adblock temporarily
  • Appears on Ad blocking listed Disabled status which states if adblock has been successfully turned off.

Turning Off Adblock Feature on UC Browser

As for the second method that you can do as a way to turn off Android adblock on UC Browser. Follow these steps:

  • Please open the UC Browser application on Android
  • Then click the menu icon
  • If you have, you can click the settings icon in the picture
  • Open the settings menu or settings > Add-ons > click Ad block
  • On the Adblock page, please click the orange switch indicated by the arrow to turn off adblock on UC Browser
  • By following the steps from the beginning, you will be successful in turning off Android adblock.

Actually turning off the Android Adblock feature in the browser does not indicate if you activate it permanently. That way it can help you use it at any time. So when you need it back you don’t need to be confused. You can also easily disable the adblock feature for websites.

You simply click on the browser when running a particular website. You can select the Enable Disable option on this side or you can choose something else with good specifications.

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