How to Transfer SMS From Android to iOS

SMS stands for Short Message Service, a form of short messaging service. SMS is one of the interesting features available on smartphones since the first that requires a cellular provider as a delivery line. Currently, SMS is more often used as OTP or One Time Password to login to a service on the internet.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to iOS

The habit of changing cellphones has become a common thing in today’s society. It’s quite confusing when you want to change your cellphone from Android to IPhone but on the old cellphone you still have important SMS data.

So to overcome this, you can try the following ways to move SMS from Android to iOS.

To help those who are migrating from Android OS to iOS from Apple, here’s how to move SMS from Android to iOS.

This transfer of SMS from Android to iOS will help owners of important SMS that need to be stored for a long time as data.

There are several ways to move SMS from an old cellphone to a new cellphone that you can do, either using a special application, or taking advantage of the features that are already available on the cellphone.

Here’s how to move SMS using Androidphonesoft:

  1. On the computer, open Google Chrome or any other browser application then navigate to the website and download the Phone to Phone Transfer application. Install the Phone to Phone Transfer application that was downloaded earlier and then run it.
  2. Connect the Android and iOS phones to the computer using two USB data cables and then wait until the Phone to Phone Transfer application recognizes the two cellphones. You may need to enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone and unlock your iOS phone if you have a passcode.
  3. On the Phone to Phone Transfer Dashboard, select “SMS” and “Contacts” from the “Select Content to Copy” menu.
  4. Make sure the source shows an Android phone and the destination shows an iOS phone. If not, please press the flip button to change it. Press “Start Transfer”.
  5. Check the SMS inbox of your iOS phone to see if everything has been moved or not.

That’s the discussion about how to move SMS from Android to iOS easily. Hopefully the above discussion can be useful and add to your experience in using a smartphone.

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