How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A23

Many have asked us about how to take a screenshot on a Samsung A23 cellphone based on One UI 4.1. As we know, this telecellsmartphone has followed the present day Android 12 running system.

The Galaxy A23 has a wide screen size so that it is one of the advantages of this phone in addition to the performance of the kitchen spur and RAM which is quite good. The next specification that is no less sophisticated lies in four cameras with a 50 MP main lens whose photos are very clear.

There are a lot of features on the Samsung Galaxy A23, one of the most frequently used features is Screenshot. Similar to Samsung smartphones with One UI, they also have several screenshot methods that are almost the same. Starting from the use of physical buttons, Menu Assistant, even supports long screenshots.

Some users may ask about how to save Samsung cellphone screenshots to the gallery. It’s actually easy, you just need to follow some of the guidelines below.

How to Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A23

In this phone, the manufacturer Samsung provides more options for taking screenshots. For those of you who want to try the three ways to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A23, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

1. Using the Assistant Menu

If you are unable to take a screenshot with buttons or gestures, please try the Assistant Menu feature on the Samsung A23.

First of all, open the Settings menu > Accessibility > Interaction and Dexterity > then activate the Assistant Menu. After this feature is active, on the right side of the screen will appear a floating menu on the screen.

Next you open the Assistant Menu and select the Screenshot shortcut to make a screenshot.

2. Physical key combination

Using physical key combinations is the most practical way because it doesn’t bother activating the feature first. You want to know, all Android telephones can use the quantity down and strength button mixture to take screenshots.

  • Open your Samsung A23 then specify the area to be screenshot.
  • Then press together the Volume Down and Power buttons and immediately release.
  • Automatically the phone screen will be captured.
  • You can edit screenshots by using the rotate and crop features.
  • If the shutter sound is heard and the screen flashes, the screenshot has been successfully taken. You can see the screenshot image in the notification menu or the Gallery app.

3. Long Screenshots of Samsung A23

Through this Long screenshot feature, you can capture the appearance of a website or long chat on the Samsung A23 cellphone screen without being cut off, so you can capture all information in just one image. Please follow how to make a long screenshot on a Samsung A23 cellphone.

First of all open the screen then tap the Settings icon and after that select Advanced Features. Next select Screenshot and Screen Recorder.

Then activate the Screenshot toolbar. Now make a screenshot via the assistant menu. Next step tap on Scroll Capture down arrow.

You can press it multiple times depending on how long the page is. In addition, the image can be directly shared to the desired platform or friend.

These three screenshot methods are very easy and fast to do but it all depends on the tastes of every Samsung A23 smartphone user. Personally, I prefer to use buttons because they can be done much faster.

That’s the information from us today. Hopefully the tutorial is useful and can be a reference for Samsung users. Also check out other interesting guides on How to Activate Split Screen on Samsung HP and various other articles.

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