How To Stop Or Block Spam Calls On Android

Have you ever received a phone call from an unknown number? When picked up, it turned out that the call was spam. Not phone calls, SMS spam is also often an annoying thing. Spam SMS either usually contain unneeded offers or even fraudulent attempts. The good news is that Android smartphone users can block spam phone numbers easily.

How To Stop Or Block Spam Calls On Android

Once blocked, any phone calls from that spam number will be directly diverted to voicemail. So users don’t have to bother rejecting incoming calls from these spam numbers. Users will also no longer receive text messages from numbers that have been blocked.

In general, there are three steps that users can take to block spam numbers on Android phones. However, keep in mind that these steps may vary slightly for each phone brand or version of Android the user owns. Here are three ways to block spam numbers on Android phones

1. Via Phone Settings

The first way that users can do is block spam numbers through the default application, namely the phone (Phone App). This application is usually represented by a handset icon. Here are the steps.

  • Open the phone app (Phone App)
  • Click the three vertical dots on top of screen
  • Select “settings” > “blocked numbers”
  • Click “add a number”, then enter the number you want to block
  • Then confirm by clicking “block”.

2. Via Recent Call Log

If you want to be more practical, users can also block spam numbers through recent call logs in the Phone App. So as soon as the spam call ends, the user can immediately block the number.

To do this, open the Phone App > select the “Recents” tab > then press and hold the number you want to block. The user will then be presented with several options in the drop down menu, click on the “block/report spam” option. Then users only need to check the “report call as spam” box and confirm by clicking “block”.

3. Block Spam Numbers via

Contacts If the user wants to block a number that is already in the contact list, the user can go directly to the phonebook or contacts.

Find and open the name of the contact you want to block. After that, click the vertical three dots in the upper right corner > “block numbers” > tick the “report as spam” > “block” option. If the user wants to remove a number from the block list, the user just needs to open the phone app > “settings” > “blocked numbers” > click the “cross (X)” icon on the desired number.

Confirm by clicking “unblock”. That way, the number will be removed from the block list, and the user will again receive phone calls or text messages from the number. Good luck!

That’s our discussion today about how to block spam calls on android. Hopefully the above discussion can be useful for you and thank you for reading.

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