How To Sign Out Google Account On Android And iPhone

Still confused to find a way to sign out Google Account? It turns out that for now there are quite a few ways you can do just to sign out of a google account. You can even use the smartphone you have and you don’t need to feel confused anymore.

If you have ever played in an internet cafe or have used your friend’s laptop to open email. It is certain if you will login in the browser using a Google account. But what happens if you forget to log out or sign out of the google account from the device, while all your important data is in the google account. No need to panic, here are some steps that you can easily take to remove your Google account.

How To Sign Out Of Google Account On Android

How To Sign Out Of Google Account

Surely some people will feel very panicked if they have dealt with a google account, right? Because this google account itself is a privacy that no one should know about.

But what happens if you don’t understand how to sign out of a Google Account that’s already attached to someone else’s device? The method is easy, aka very easy, just try to study it well and examine the steps below.

1. How to sign out Google account on PC

How to sign out of a Google Account on a PC is much different when compared to signing out on a smartphone. But if you sign out using a PC, of ​​course it will be much easier because it only takes a few steps, your account is out safely. Here are the steps and how you must do it!

  • First you open the laptop
  • Then click the profile photo in the top right corner.
  • Then scroll down, then click the “Sign Out” option.
  • If everything is done, then your google account will automatically exit from the PC that you have used.

2. How to Sign Out Google Account on Android

Another way if you want to use a smartphone, then you can delete the account, but what is meant by deleting a google account does not mean you will lose email here. But it’s just deleting the google account on certain devices. The methods and steps are as follows:

  • First, please open the Gmail application on your Android smartphone first.
  • Then if you have, continue by clicking the three line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then you click on the Gmail account profile photo that you want to remove until it says Manage Account.
  • Next, click on Manage Account.
  • Then on the screen a Gmail account will appear on your smartphone.
  • Then click the Gmail account that you want to remove.
  • Then, to remove, you can directly click Delete Account.
  • If it is finished, then your Gmail account has successfully signed out of your android smartphone.

3. How to sign out of Google Chrome account

How to sign out of the next google account if you are here using chrome. Which at that time your account is registered in the browser. So the steps you have to take are:

  • First you have to select the Manage Profile option menu or the Settings icon.
  • Then select which google account you want to remove from chrome.
  • Then you just select the three-line option in the profile box.
  • If so, then continue by selecting delete to delete the account from the browser.
  • Done! Very easy isn’t it?

4. How to sign out of Gmail account on Android

Besides being able to directly apply how to sign out of a Gmail account using the Gmail application. You can also sign out of Gmail via the Settings menu on your Android smartphone. Curious as to what steps and how? Here’s how to sign out of a Gmail account on a cellphone via the Settings menu:

  • The first step, please open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.
  • Then you can directly select Users & Accounts.
  • Then here will appear several accounts that exist on your smartphone.
  • Select the Gmail account that you want to remove from the device.
  • Well, to sign out here, please select Delete Account on the screen.
  • Done.

5. How to sign out Gmail Account on iPhone & iPad or iOS

For those of you iPhone or iPad users sometimes often need a Gmail application to be able to check email. Apart from that, Google accounts are also sometimes used to be able to enter Google applications such as Maps or YouTube.

  • The first thing you have to do is open the Gmail app.
  • Then Click the menu option at the top left.
  • Then you directly click on your account or in the form of a photo.
How To Sign Out Of Google Account On Android

  • Then you click “Manage Account”
  • After that proceed by clicking “Edit” then “Delete.”

So, those were some easy steps and ways to get out of your Google account and Gmail account easily. Here you can be sure if you don’t forget to always sign out when using other people’s devices so that your data is safe.

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