How To Share Android Battery Power Without Charger

This way of sharing Android battery power provides many advantages. It is even more profitable because sharing battery power on Android smartphones can be done in an easy way. Check this Android HP tutorial for yourself in the following description.

How To Share Android Battery Power Without Charger

Tutorial How to Share Android Battery Power

You can share battery power on your Android phone by using Wireless PowerShare. This feature is easy for you to use. Just follow the steps listed below.

  • First of all, you can swipe down from the top position of the screen. This is to show the notification.
  • Then repeat again so that all Quick Settings are visible.
  • Select the Wireless PowerShare icon.
  • Later, the Wireless PowerShare menu will appear along with the Ready to Charge message.
How To Share Android Battery Power Without Charger

  • Place the Android phone you are using and the other device for charging.
  • If the two devices are in a parallel position, the Wireless PowerShare feature screen will show a Charging message.
  • Then the screen closes.
  • When the power is full, then you can disconnect the two devices by separating them.
  • Android phone screen will bring up Wireless PowerShare. Just select Cancel so that the wireless charging process turns off.

Basically, there are many Android phones that have the Wireless PowerShare feature, especially the latest smartphones. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of these phones.

Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S10 owners can try the above Android battery sharing method.

Benefits of Sharing HP Battery Power

There are many benefits that you can get when sharing HP battery power. One of the benefits is that it can charge even in the middle of a trip. Without having to plug it into a power source, you can charge devices that are running low on battery power with these tips.

Not only that, by sharing battery power, you won’t feel dizzy if you run out of cellphone power but don’t bring a charger. Simply connect the two devices, then the phone that runs out of power can be charged easily. You clearly feel at the advantage of this.

Battery Transfer App

In fact, you can do battery transfer not only by practicing the Android power sharing method above, but also by using apps. One such application is Battery Transfer. This Battery Transfer application is made by Ashwani Elvis.

In this Battery Transfer application, you can find various menus. Call it Register, Login, Send Battery, About Developer, Share, to Help. Each menu has its own use. If you are interested in using the Battery Transfer application, then you only need to register. Once you have an account, you can login. Meanwhile, to share battery power, just click the Send Battery menu.

This Battery Transfer app allows you to share battery power between two devices. If you want to share to multiple devices, then you need to repeat the steps. Try one by one as long as the power is still sufficient.

Seeing the many conveniences shown, you don’t need to hesitate to take advantage of Battery Transfer. Moreover, this application has many users. More than 50 thousand users have downloaded the Battery Transfer application.

In order to take advantage of Battery Transfer, of course you have to download it first. You can find this Battery Transfer app on the Google Play Store. After downloading, you can install and open the Battery Transfer application.

Battery Hotspot App

Apart from battery transfer apps, you can also use battery hotspot apps. One of the application options is WiFi Battery Saver Widget. This app is made by David Elizondo. This method allows you to easily share battery power through your Android phone. The convenience that Wifi Battery Saver Widget offers makes it widely used.

In Google Play Store, Wifi Battery Saver Widget has more than 500K user downloads.

To get the benefits and uses of this application, then you can download the Wifi Battery Saver Widget. After that, install Wifi Battery Saver Widget on your Android phone. Once installed, the Wifi Battery Saver Widget application can be activated immediately.

Some of the ways to share Android battery power above you can practice at any time. The method is fairly simple so that it is easy for you to do, even for beginners. By practicing this method, you can experience various benefits.

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