How To Set An Alarm On Android

How To Set Alarm On Android – Alarm is a reminder in the form of sound which is usually set to sound at a certain time. Usually used to remind when there will be activities, wake up, and much more.

On Android itself there is an alarm feature that can be set as we like. In addition to the functions mentioned above, the alarm is usually used to wake up in the morning so as not to be late for work. But there are still those who don’t know how to set an alarm on Android.

How To Set Up Alarm On Android

How to set an alarm on Android itself usually only needs to use the Clock application on Android. In the Clock application there is usually a Stopwatch feature, seeing the clock, and of course the Alarm itself.

We will also be able to change the alarm ringtone on Android at will, you know. So, you may deployation a ringtone that could simply wake you up. So how do you set an alarm on Android?

Well, this time we will provide a tutorial on how to set an alarm on Android easily. For those of you who are confused about how to set an alarm on Android, then please refer to the steps below.

How to set alarm on Android

This tutorial is how to make an alarm on Android using the existing Clock application on Android that we have. You also can use a third-birthday birthday celebration alarm application, however the approach is simply extraordinary from the only below.

You need to know, every Android usually has a different appearance of the Clock application. So, just adjust it with the steps below. Want to set an Android alarm?

Here’s how to set alarm on Android:

  • Open the Clock app on your Android.
  • Select the Alarm feature.
  • Please create a new alarm, tap the Add icon.
  • Then set an alarm i.e. Hours and Minutes will be active.
  • If so, please save.
  • Done.

After activating the alarm at the desired hour and minute. Then surely the alarm will automatically activate at that time. For what? Easy, right, how to install an alarm on Android?

That’s how to set alarm on Android which has been described above. It’s easy, right? At this point you should already know how to activate it yourself. Just use the Jam application that is already on your Android. Can additionally use third-party apps on Google Play.

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