How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Account

For a few people, restoring a deleted WhatsApp account is actually very necessary, specifically in case you nevertheless need to apply it to talk in the provider belonging to Meta. It’s just that we will indeed need a series of fairly long processes. Instead of simply entering a number to log into the service, we also still need to recover data from the related account.

Unlike most social media services, WhatsApp does not store data on its servers. So we are likely to lose some important things if we don’t recover them ourselves even though we have successfully opened an account.

How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Account

Including a number of them we will lose numerous conversations, photos, videos, to crucial files which have formerly been shared or acquired with the aid of using the associated account. The WhatsApp most important web page may even appearance absolutely clean as while the usage of the provider for the primary time.

Even though it is long, restoring a deleted WhatsApp account and restoring the data on it is fortunately quite easy as long as you still have access to the backup number and file.

  • How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Account
  • With Google Drive
  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Click the Agree and Continue button
  • Enter the number of the desired account
  • tap Next
  • Click OK button
  • Copy the OTP code sent by message into the provided field
  • Wait for the provider to confirm the records
  • Click Continue if WhatsApp asks for access to contacts and media to search for data backup
  • If the Restore Backup web page reveals a records backup, click on Restore
  • Tap Next when the recovery process is complete
  • Complete the photo and profile name then click Next to continue
  • Set up data backup to Google Drive
  • Finish by pressing the Done button.

Restoring WhatsApp account on this manner handiest applies if we’ve already set records backup to Google Drive. If now no longer, then the restoration procedure may be carried out with the aid of using the usage of a nearby database.

With WhatsApp Local Database

  • Open file manager on mobile
  • Find and open the Databases folder for the WhatsApp app
  • Search the most recent database
  • Rename it to msgstore.db.crypt14 (some may use older protocols like crypt12 so just follow the instructions)
  • Delete and reinstall the WhatsApp application on the cellphone you want to use
  • Login with phone number as before
  • Verify with the OTP code sent
  • Allow apps to access contacts and media
  • Tap the Restore button if the backup is found
  • Continue by tapping Next
  • Set profile photo and name then tap Next
  • Complete the backup settings to Google Drive then hit Done.

It is important to note, the placement of the Databases folder can be different for each version of the operating system. We can generally find it on internal media > WhatsApp > Databases or internal media > Android > media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Databases if you are using a new version of the operating system.

In addition to restoring deleted accounts and recovering data, the two methods above can actually be used when we want to move WhatsApp from an old cellphone to a new one.

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