How to Remove or Hide Name on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging application that is popular in the community. According to a Business of Apps report, as of 2020 the number of WhatsApp users reached two billion active users globally.

Anyone can now use WhatsApp as a free medium of communication. Not only exchanging text messages, WhatsApp can send media in the form of document files, images, and videos so that it is easier for users to communicate.

How to Remove or Hide Name on WhatsApp

Not only communication between individuals, WhatsApp also provides a group feature that makes it easier for organizations to coordinate between users efficiently.

In terms of privacy, WhatsApp also has several privacy features that users can take advantage of to feel more comfortable when using the instant messaging application. One of them is a feature that allows users to hide their profile name so that it is not visible or appears empty.

Actually, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to have empty names, but you can hide your name or leave it blank to maintain privacy with the trick below. Here, how to remove the WhatsApp name so that it appears empty:

  • Open your WhatsApp via HP/PC
  • Go to “Settings” and click on your profile
  • Delete your WhatsApp name and copy the following two symbols, namely an arrow and a small comma “? ?” (without quotes)
  • Next remove the arrow (?) so that it leaves a small comma
  • Press “Save” Done, now your WhatsApp name has been hidden

Now your WhatsApp profile name is gone. When someone adds you to a WhatsApp group, now they can’t see. This of course can better protect your privacy. That’s how to remove the WhatsApp name so that it appears blank. I hope this helps.

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