How to Reject WhatsApp Messages Without Blocking Contacts

Sometimes we feel disturbed to get WhatsApp messages from certain people. It felt like blocking the number, but did not want the person to know.

Because if we block it, it will cause character, and this is certainly not good for the relationship. So for those of you who don’t feel good about blocking but don’t want to be disturbed by that person, there are several steps you can take.

How to Reject WhatsApp Messages Without Blocking Contacts

Here’s how to stop people from sending WhatsApp to us without blocking:

1. Archive messages

One way that other people can’t send WhatsApp messages to us without us having to block them is to take advantage of the archive feature.

With this, sent messages will not appear on our smartphones. Instead it will go into a special container, so we won’t be bothered by the message.

To archive a message is quite easy, you only need to long press a message that has been sent by someone we don’t want and then click the archive icon at the top.

Then to restore archived messages, you can do it by scrolling the chat menu to the bottom until you find the archive logo.

Then click on the icon and long press the message. Click the restore archive icon.

2. Changing number

Another way so that we are not disturbed by WhatsApp messages from certain people without having to block them is to change the WhatsApp number to a new number.

But unfortunately for this method the impact is very broad. Messages can not only be sent by certain people but also all contacts, including those that they don’t really want.

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