How To Recovery WhatsApp Chat Deleted

When you have an incident of forgetting to back up your WhatsApp chat history, sometimes it makes you dizzy because important documents are missing. When you experience this, don’t panic, because there are some tips to recover deleted WhatsApp chats.

How To Recovery WhatsApp Chat Deleted

Here’s how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages that haven’t been backed up.

1. Using the Tenorshare App

This application can be installed via Google Play Store or iOS. The working system of this app is to connect the phone to usb and scan it. The operation of the Tenorshare application is quite professional and fast in restoring deleted chat history, WhatsApp photos and videos.

2. Data Recovery With iSkysoft

iSkysoft offers a data recovery tool for android which is quite great. This application is able to recover all whatsapp data that has a fast and precise scanner with a zero percent risk factor. Although this app is paid, you can use it with a free trial.

3. Remo Recover

Next is to use remo recover. This application can only be used for android and is quite satisfactory and can be used for free. The remo recover application can recover lost chat history, photos, and documents. You can also preview or select which files you want to recover.

4. Aiseesoft Phonelab

One other option to recover whatsapp chat history data is to use Aiseesoft. By using this application you can not only restore chat history easily but also export data quickly and accurately. All photos, videos, documents, chat history, contacts and various other whatsapp attachments can be recovered using this tool.

5. Using iCloud Backup

Icloud works to restore whatsapp chats to a new or old device. The way to do it is quite easy, just open the whatsapp application, then open settings, and back up chats now.

6. Using iTunes Backup

To recover whatsapp chats can use iTunes. However, it should be noted that restoring whatsapp chat chats with iTunes will erase device content and settings. The first step that must be done is to connect the iphone using a usb cable, and the second step when the device appears click at the top and under the summary tab then select “restore backup”.

That’s about how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. Hopefully the above article can help you and thank you for reading.

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