How To Recover Instagram Suspended Account

Here’s how to fix if your Instagram account is suspended. As is known, tonight many netizens complained that Instagram accounts were suspended. The complaint on the suspended Instagram account has even become the number one trending topic on Twitter.

How To Recover Instagram Suspended Account

It is not yet known what caused the Instagram account to be suspended. Meta itself, as the founder of Instagram, has not provided an explanation regarding this. But don’t panic, it turns out that there is a way to deal with Instagram a suspended account.

So how to recover a suspended Instagram account?

As we have practiced through, how to solve an Instagram account that cannot be opened, namely:

  • Select help on Instagram
  • Send reports by phone or email
  • File an appeal on the form already available on Instagram

It turns out that there are several reasons why Instagram accounts are suspended or can’t be opened.

Including the following:

  • Frequently upload content
  • Frequently sending spam comments
  • Posting inappropriate content
  • Submitting offensive arguments or comments
  • Exceeding the limit on the use of likes, comments and follow
  • Doing copyright infringement
  • Reported another Instagram user.

That’s the discussion about how to recover Instagram suspended account. Hopefully the above discussion from us can help you, and thank you for reading.

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