How to Record Google Meet On Android, iOS and Laptop

Google Meet meeting participants can record or record meetings online during the Covid-19 pandemic via laptops, iOS and Android phones without the need to pay. There are several ways to record a meeting on Google Meet, according to the electronic device you use, either from a cellphone or laptop. Meeting participants can record for free and easily.

How to Record Google Meet On Android and iOS

Record Google Meet App On Android and iOS

1. Google Meet Records via Android

  • Open the Google Meet app on your phone.
  • Sign in to the Google Meet meeting.
  • Click the three dots icon.
  • Click Record Meeting.
  • Select Start Recording.
  • Click Start.
  • Wait for the host to Accept or Reject the Recording.
  • Click Stop Recording at the three dots if you want to stop recording.

2. Record a Google Meet meeting via iOS

  • After the meeting on Google Meet starts.
  • Open Control Center, tap the Screen Recording button, then wait for the three-second countdown.
  • To stop recording, open Control Center
  • Tap the Selected Screen Recording button or the red status bar at the top of the screen, then tap Stop.
  • Open Photos and select your screen recording.

3. This is how to record Google Meet from a Laptop/PC

  • Start or Join a meeting on Google Meet.
  • At the bottom right, click the icon (triangle circle box) and then click Activity Records .
  • Click Start recording.
  • A pop up screen will appear and click Start.
  • Wait for recording to start. Participants are notified when recording starts or stops.
  • Then, to stop recording, click Activity Recording and then Stop Recording .
  • In the pop up screen that appears click Stop recording. And the recording will stop automatically when the participants leave the meeting.

Note: the recording will be saved in Google Drive to the My Drive folder in the Meet Recordings folder and you can download the recording.

However, in some cases Android often does not find the feature to record meetings and there is also the phone’s built-in screen recording feature that does not make sound on the recording, so we recommend using additional applications such as XRecorder on Google Playstore.

That’s our discussion about how to record Google Meet from Android, iOS and Laptop. I hope this article was useful for you and thanks for reading.

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