How to Private Twitter Account On Android and iPhone

Twitter is one of the social media that is still actively used and is the fastest source of information. The reason is, Twitter users can create tweets called tweets for other users to see. However, there are some users who feel more comfortable if their account is only intended for certain people, such as only for followers. That means, users must make their Twitter account a private account.

How to Private Twitter Account Via Android and iPhone

Reasons for Using the Private Account Feature on Twitter

Twitter created an account privacy feature to keep accounts locked. Private accounts are marked with a lock icon next to the account username. Locking a tweet account will only be seen by accounts that are already followers of the user account. Tweets will not be displayed publicly and cannot be retweeted by anyone. Account followers can only like or reply to the tweet if anyone activates the replyable feature.

Account owners can also filter followers, because new followers of the account must get permission from the account owner to become followers. Usually users activate this private feature to pour their heart out spontaneously and honestly. This is done so that their privacy as Twitter users is more protected.

In addition, with their personal Twitter account they are not afraid to experience other social media risks, such as cyberbullying. Since only followers can see interactions on personal Twitter accounts, users can choose who can follow them.

Usually only selected and trusted users. If you make your Twitter account private, not all users can just follow us. We can reject or accept follow requests submitted by other users. If they are not approved, then they will not be able to see the tweet and interact with the account.

Although private, private Twitter account users can still interact with other users who are not mutual. The term mutual on Twitter means following each other. Private Twitter Accounts Through Android and iPhone The existence of private features on social media accounts, especially Twitter is considered to provide many advantages, especially related to privacy.

In addition, this action can also minimize cases of verbal harassment and misuse of personal information. Therefore, the private feature that makes Twitter accounts private is quite important for users who want privacy in social media.

Launching the Twitter Help Center page, here’s how to make a Twitter account private for Android and iPhone users:

How To Make Twitter Account Privacy For Android

  • Open the Twitter app;
  • On the homepage, click the profile photo in the top left corner;
  • Then select “Settings and Privacy” at the bottom;
  • Select “Privacy and Safety” to open other options;
  • After that, select “Audience and Tagging”;
  • Activate it by swiping to the right of the button next to “Protect your Tweets”, making sure it turns blue;
  • Then back and now a locked Twitter account.

How To Make Twitter Account Privacy On iPhone

  • Open the Twitter app on iOS;
  • Enter your username, e-mail or phone number, and password and click “Login” to enter;
  • After that, click the profile photo in the upper left corner;
  • Then select “Settings and Privacy” which is above the Help Center option; Then press “Privacy and Safety”;
  • Select “Audience and Tagging”;
  • Swipe right on the “Protect your Tweets” button until it turns blue;
  • Go back and refresh the Twitter account, make sure the lock icon is visible on the profile;

That’s our discussion today about how to private Twitter account via Android and iPhone. Hope this helps and thanks for reading.

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