How To Pin a Comment On Instagram

When uploading a photo and video on an Instagram account, surely the video you upload will get likes and comments from your followers. If your Instagram already has a lot of followers, then it is likely that the number of likes and comments you will get will be a lot too.

Of the many comments you get, there must be one or more comments that are interesting to highlight or highlight. On Instagram, you can highlight or highlight these comments by providing a PIN or pinning the comment. That way, the comment will be pinned at the very top, even if there are more recent comments.

How To Pin a Comment On Instagram

How To Pin a Comment On Instagram

So far, how many of your posts have been commented on by other people. Of the many comments you have received, have you pinned or provided a PIN for one of the comments that you found interesting?

If you’ve never pinned a comment or pinned an interesting comment, then you should give it a try. Because by embedding positive comments, your posts will get good conversations. Here is the tutorial:

How To Pin a Comment On Instagram

  1. First, please select your post that has comments
  2. After that, please select the comments that you think are interesting. After that, please long press on the comment, after that press the PIN sign listed at the top
  3. If it’s your first time pinning a comment, there will be a notification about embedding a comment. Please click embed comment.
  4. You can pin at most 3 comments in 1 post

How to unpin a comment on Instagram

If at any time you feel that the comment you have pinned is no longer relevant or you want to change the embedded comment, then you can unpin or pin the comment. Here is the tutorial:

  1. Please select the embedded comment that you want to unpin
  2. After that, please long press on the comment, then press the Pin icon listed above the comment.
  3. After that, a comment cancellation notification will appear, please press unpin
  4. Now the comment is no longer pinned.

That’s how to pin a comment on Instagram. You can pin up to 3 comments on each post. Usually, embedded comments are comments that are considered important or comments that you want more people to see.

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