How to Open Crates in COD Mobile? A Complete Guide

How to Open Crates in COD Mobile? A Complete Guide – In the dynamic world of Call of Duty Mobile, the thrill of unlocking powerful weapons and exclusive items lies within the mysterious crates scattered throughout the game. Crates offer a gateway to rare gear, character skins, and game-changing weapons. In this detailed guide, we will explore the strategies and tips on how to effectively open crates in COD Mobile, maximizing your chances of obtaining coveted items.

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Understanding the Types of Crates

COD Mobile features various types of crates, each with its own set of rewards. Before delving into the opening strategies, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different crate types:

Standard Crates

Common crates that can be opened using in-game currency
Provide basic items such as character skins, consumables, and low-tier weapons.

Premium Crates

Typically require COD Points, the game’s premium currency, to open.
Offer higher-tier rewards, including rare character skins, emotes, and more powerful weapons.

Lucky Draws

Special events that feature a series of crates with escalating rewards.
Usually involve spending COD Points for a chance to obtain exclusive and high-value items.

Weapon Crates

Focused on delivering weapon-specific rewards.
Can include weapon skins, attachments, and, in some cases, exclusive legendary weapons.

Strategies for Opening Crates

Now that we’ve covered the types of crates available, let’s explore effective strategies for maximizing your crate-opening experience:

Economize Your Resources

Prioritize your in-game currency and COD Points. Standard crates can often be opened with in-game currency, preserving your premium currency for more exclusive crates with higher-tier rewards.

Participate in events.

Keep a close eye on in-game events, as they often introduce special crates with unique and limited-time rewards. Participating in these events can significantly boost your inventory with rare items.

Leverage free crates

COD Mobile frequently offers free crates as part of daily log-in rewards or seasonal events. Always claim these crates, as they can provide valuable items without depleting your in-game currency.

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How to Open Crates in COD Mobile? A Complete Guide

When opening crates that contain multiple items, pay attention to the order. Some items may have a higher drop rate than others. Understanding the odds can help you plan your crate openings more strategically.

Save for Limited-Time Crates

Reserve your premium currency for limited-time crates that offer exclusive rewards. These crates are often tied to special events or collaborations and can feature highly sought-after items.

Complete Challenges

Some crates are tied to in-game challenges or achievements. By actively completing these challenges, you can earn additional crates and increase your chances of obtaining rare items.

Consider clan activities.

If you’re part of an active clan, participate in clan activities. Some crates may be unlocked as clan rewards, providing you with additional opportunities to expand your inventory.


Opening crates in COD Mobile is a strategic and rewarding aspect of the game, offering players the chance to enhance their arsenal and customize their gaming experience. By understanding the different crate types and implementing effective strategies, you can navigate the world of crate openings with confidence. Stay vigilant for in-game events, manage your resources wisely, and embark on the journey to unlock the most coveted items in the Call of Duty Mobile universe. Good luck, soldier!

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