How To Move Data To A New Android Phone

Setting up a new phone from scratch is a complicated process, especially when you have to download and re-enter a lot of apps, adjust phone settings, and set things up the way you want them to.


Google offers convenience when you switch from one Android smartphone to another, at least regarding Google apps and settings. Here’s how to restore an Android phone from a Google backup.


How To Move Data To A New Android Phone

How to transfer data on old Android phone

You will need to backup the data on the old Android phone first before restoring it on the new device. There are many ways to back up devices and applications that can be used if you want to store data in the cloud.

The easiest option on an Android phone is to use Google One. To save data on Google One, you need to access Settings > Google > Backup and enable Backup by Google One.


Google automatically backs up your phone on a regular basis. When you’re ready to set up a new device and want to create a backup then, tap Backup now. You will get 15GB of free data on your Google account to back up apps, app data, photos, videos, messages, call history, device settings and Google account data.


In the Backup details section, tap Google account data to select the Google apps you want to back up. If you need more data, a Google One subscription plan is offered for USD 1.99 per month or USD 19.99 per year for 100GB of storage capacity.


Google’s backup options are available across all Android devices, and some OEMs, such as Samsung, have their own backup and restore features, to make it easier for users to switch between two phones of the same brand.


Apart from that, Google backups cover a lot of things, some apps and games, like WhatsApp, have their own way of backing up their information.


How to restore Android phone from Google backup

You can restore Google backup on your Android phone while setting up a new device or after doing a factory reset or factory reset. When you turn on your phone, tap Start, agree to the terms and conditions that appear, and connect the new phone to the WiFi network.


In the step that asks you to copy apps and data or Copy apps and data, tap Next, and select Can’t use old device. Then, sign in to the same Google account from the previous phone.


The last available backup data will appear on the new device screen, select the data and the apps and files you want to restore, and tap Restore. Good luck!

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