How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

How to move data from Android to iPhone is one of the most sought-after topics of discussion when Android users change their cellphones to iPhone. Even though Android is currently more sophisticated, the iPhone is still one of the prima donnas for many people because it is able to make its users confident.

It’s no longer surprising if at this time many Android users actually switch to iPhone phones even though at the beginning it was just a trial and error. Moving data from two different devices is indeed a problem for some users when changing their cellphones, for example from Android to iPhone.

How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

Even so, how to move data from Android to iPhone can still be done but of course with a few steps that you first do.

How to Move Data From Android To iPhone

Moving data from one device to another is indeed one of the mandatory steps that you all have to do when changing a new phone. Of course you can’t just want to lose data, what’s more, the data that was on the Android phone before was very important.

There are two steps to move data from Android to iPhone, both data in the form of Contacts, Videos, Songs or Documents, namely manually and with an application.

How to Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Manually

Although with this manual step, you are a little bit complicated with some of the steps. However, this way you can be more detailed where you want to move the data. Here I describe several ways that you can use to move Android data to iPhone using manual steps, as follows:

Moving Android Contacts To iPhone

If the data you want to move is in the form of contacts, moving it is very easy, because currently data such as contacts are automatically synchronized with the gmail account. That way you don’t have to worry anymore. If you want to move contacts on Android to iPhone, you only need to log in to your Gmail account to your iPhone.

Now after you move your gmail account to iPhone, then you can restore contacts that were previously on Android to be moved to iPhone phones.

Transfer Android Videos & Songs To iPhone

Furthermore, if the data you want to transfer is in the form of videos or songs, then you must first prepare a computer/laptop along with a USB cable. After preparing some of the things above, please connect your Android phone with a data cable after that, please select the File Transfer menu

If you have backed up all the data on Android on your computer/laptop, then please unplug it then attach it to your iPhone and then open iTunes and sync it. However, if you use a MAC computer/laptop with the MacOS Catalina operating system then you can directly open the Finder application.

Moving Android Documents To iPhone

For how to move data from Android to iPhone in the form of documents or files, the steps are not much different from some of the steps above. But here you first need to download and install the iWork application for iPhone devices which you can get directly through the App Store.

The steps are as usual, connect Android to the computer and then move all important data in the form of documents after that please unplug it. Next you connect your iPhone to your computer/laptop then Drag & Drop some documents that you all think are important to iTunes.

If you are using a MAC device, you can Drag & Drop documents using the Apple Books application.

How to Move Data From Android To iPhone With Apps

If you think the steps above are so complicated and complicated, you can use the option with the help of the Move To iOS application which was developed directly by Apple.

By using this application, moving data from Android to iPhone will be much easier, for the following steps:

  • First, you first download and install the Move To iOS application on your Android device
  • Then on the iPhone, open the Apps & Data menu and select Move Data From Android
  • Requirements and approvals will appear, click Agree
  • On the Find Your Code page, click Next and Continue, a 6-digit code will appear
  • Then open the Move To iOS application on Android
  • After that click Continue, then select Agree on the Terms & Conditions page.
  • Then select Continue on the Find Your Code page and enter the 6-digit code on the iPhone earlier
  • In the Data Transfer section, please select what data will be transferred to the iPhone then start data transfer.
  • Wait for the process to complete, and you need to remember that this step requires a stable Wifi network so that the process runs smoothly.

That’s about how to move data from Android to iOS which we discussed today. Hope it helps you and thanks for reading.

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