How To Log Out Of Messenger On Android and iOS

If you talk about Facebook Messenger, maybe you will immediately say the social media application of a million people, yes. Indeed, Facebook is the most widely used social media application by the community, but currently many Facebook users are turning to Instagram which is considered more up-to-date.

Facebook itself has a special application for just sending instant messages like whatsapp, namely Facebook messenger, this application is specifically for conducting message conversations and making it easier for users.

How To Log Out Of Messenger On Android and iOS

However, there is a slight problem in this messenger application because there is no logout button to log out of the account. but you don’t have to worry too much because teknohits wants to provide an easy way to get out of Facebook messenger that you can practice directly.

How to log out of Messenger on Android and iOS

1. Logout Messenger on Android

There are two methods to log out of Facebook Messenger on Android. First thing you have to do is, clear Messenger app data in device settings; or second, log out of the Messenger session from the Facebook app.

How to Clear Messenger App Data in Settings:

  • Go to Android device Settings.
  • Close the app if you have it open, and remove it from your recent apps list; otherwise this trick will not work.
  • In Settings, scroll down to the application or Application Manager, and scroll down until you see Messenger.
  • Tap this, scroll down, and find Storage.
  • After opening Storage, select Clear Data. There should also be a Clear Cache option which is recommended to do as well. Now when you go back to the Facebook Messenger app, you won’t be logged in automatically.

How to log out of Messenger on iOS

  • Open the Facebook app (not Messenger, but the Facebook iOS app itself).
  • Then tap the More button at the bottom right.
  • Scroll down to Settings, tap Account Settings, then Security.
  • In the Security menu, go to where you are logged in.
  • After opening it, you can manage all active sessions of your Facebook account on any device, app or browser.
  • Then just close the session listed as “Facebook Messenger on iOS 10” or whichever iOS version your iPhone is using.

When you re-open Messenger, you will be logged out and asked to sign in again with the same account as before, or you can choose to switch accounts at that time.

That’s our discussion today about how to log out of messenger on Android and iOS. Hope this helps you and thanks for reading.

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