How To Limit WiFi Data Speed ​​On Android

How to limit WiFi speed on Android is just as easy as a tutorial on a PC. Not a few people are looking for an easy way to limit the speed of other people’s WiFi connections on Android because they don’t have permission first. Then how? You can check the HP tutorial below.

How To Limit WiFi Data Speed ​​On Android

When you want to limit someone else’s WiFi speed on an Android phone, you need to adjust it to the router you are using. Starting from TP-Link, Indihome, Tents, and so on. For this time we will review a tutorial through the TP-Link router.

  • You can start the steps by logging in and logging into the TP-Link IP address.
  • After that, you can click DHCP and select DHCP Client. You will find any IP address connected to the router.
  • You can search and select the IP address that you want to limit the speed. To do so, you can click Bandwidth Control. Select Rule List.
  • The next step, you can enter the IP address in question. Fill in the Egress Bandwidth and Ingress Bandwidth using the same number.
  • In addition to these fields, you can leave them blank.
  • So that the steps you have gone through do not end in vain, you can click Save to save.
  • To restrict other IP addresses, just repeat the steps above.
How To Limit WiFi Data Speed ​​On Android

Apart from practicing this method, you can also work around it by changing your password regularly. Not only that, you can also limit users. Your internet connection will not be disturbed so that activities in the online world can run smoothly again.

Using Netlimiter

Neatlimiter is also widely chosen to limit WiFi internet speed on Android. To be able to use this application properly, of course you have to download and install Neatlimiter first. If you have, you just have to follow how to limit the WiFi connection on Android below.

  • Open the Neatlimiter app.
  • Look at the software registration that is currently running. Later you can see all the software that is connected to the network. Uniquely, you can also detect which software consumes a lot of signals.
  • To limit the speed, you just have to check the download and upload limits.
  • Then you can choose KB/s in the download limit. You can add as many numbers as you want as a minimum.
  • Do the same for the upload limit.
  • After you are sure with the changes made, you can directly click Save to save.
  • Using the Tent
  • If you are using a Tenda router, then you can follow the method of limiting Android WiFi connections below. One thing for sure, the steps are simple so you don’t have to hesitate to try.

Also make sure you look carefully step by step so that nothing is missed.

  • Enter the router’s IP address through the Android phone you are using.
  • Then login using the WiFi user identity.
  • The next step, you can click Advanced.
  • Then click DHCP and select DHCP Client List. From that menu, you can see which devices are connected to WiFi.
  • Make a note of the IP address of the device.
  • Click QoS and select Bandwidth Control.
  • Put a check mark in the Enable menu. Similarly, the Enable Bandwidth Control.
  • After that, enter the IP address of the specific device that you want to limit the internet speed, right in the IP Address.
  • As for the speed limit, you can type a number in Upload and Download
  • Enter the desired number in the Bandwidth Range.
  • Select Add to List.
  • You can click OK so that all the steps above are saved.

How to limit WiFi speed on Android is easy, right? Even though you’re still a layman, don’t hesitate to try it. By practicing the method above, then you can feel a stable internet connection without any interference.

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