How To Leave WhatsApp Group Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

WhatsApp is an online chat application that is currently popular among the public. Not only private chats, WhatsApp also provides group chats that can contain close friends, family or coworkers. Often times we are put into groups we don’t really want, so many are looking for ways to secretly leave WhatsApp groups.

In addition to chatting, WhatsApp also provides several features such as sending status, images, videos, documents, emoticons, stickers, voice calls to video calls. Many people are curious about how to leave a WhatsApp group secretly?

The function of the WhatsApp group feature itself is actually used to exchange messages with many people in one chat room. So that each participant in the group can respond to messages sent. However, several participants often send text messages that are outside the context of the conversation. Even spamming emoticons or stickers.

How To Leave WhatsApp Group Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

That’s what makes us feel angry that sometimes it can slow down the performance of the cellphone due to the large number of incoming messages. Especially if the message sent is not useful and only fills the cellphone space.

From there, it is not uncommon for group members to want to leave the group. However, when you are about to leave the group you feel bad for the other group members. Because people will think that you are rude and even arrogant. So that not a few people are looking for a way to leave a WhatsApp group secretly. Then how? Check out the following review.

How to Quit WhatsApp Groups Secretly

Here are some ways that you can do to secretly leave a WhatsApp group.

1. Changing Mobile Number

The first way to secretly exit a WhatsApp group, you can change the mobile number that you registered in your WhatsApp account. After changing numbers, you will automatically leave the group. This method is quite effective and easy.

2. Using another phone number

You can use another phone number to leave WhatsApp groups without being caught. For this method you do not need to change your phone number.

The method is quite easy, you just need to open WhatsApp settings to change the number by clicking the settings menu, then tap the account option and select change number submenu. Then enter another number and log in to WhatsApp. After that, clear data and cache. Your account will automatically disappear but your name will remain in the WhatsApp group.

3. Mute Group Notifications

Incoming group message notifications often annoy us so that we will feel angry when many messages come in. You can mute group message notifications for a week, month, year or even forever. So there is no notification from the group.

This method is not a way to permanently leave the group, but muting it is considered less bothersome to you. You can also delete sent messages immediately if they are not useful.

4. Rename and Delete WhatsApp Profile

You can change the name and delete the WhatsApp profile. This way others won’t be notified if you’ve permanently left the group. You don’t need to change the number or change it temporarily.

5. Using Third-Party Applications

If the previous methods did not seem effective to you, then you can use the help of third-party applications such as GroupXit to secretly exit WhatsApp groups.

However, this application has a weakness, which is that it can only be installed on Android phones. If you are using iOS then can’t install this third party app to silently exit group.

So many reviews about how to leave a WhatsApp group secretly, you can apply one of the methods above if you feel disturbed by the WhatsApp group. Good luck!

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