How To Leave a Group Chat WhatsApp On Android

How to leave a WhatsApp (WA) group without being noticed and no need to change the number can now be done by all WhatsApp users. The feature of leaving a WA group without members knowing has been released by WhatsApp since the end of last August.

This feature is very helpful for users who are reluctant and don’t want to be caught leaving the group because they are considered rude by other members. As the name implies, the WhatsApp group exit feature silently allows users to leave groups without leaving a notification trail.

How To Leave a Group Chat WhatsApp On Android

Previously, group members could see a notification in the chat room that read “(contact number/name) left (left)”. For example, a “Kevin left” or “Kevin left” notification will appear in the chat room when a member named Kevin leaves a WhatsApp group.

Now, how to leave a WA group without being noticed without changing the number can be done by users who have downloaded the WhatsApp version update on Android.

Android customers who use WhatsApp model 2.22.20.seventy nine can go away the institution with out the alternative institution individuals knowing. To be capable of go away a WhatsApp institution secretly, please consult with the easy steps below.

How To Leave a Group Chat WhatsApp On Android

  • Open the desired WhatsApp group.
  • In the institution chat room, faucet the three-dot icon withinside the top-proper nook of the app.
  • Click the “More/Other” option > “Exit group”.
  • Other group members won’t notice when you leave the group because they didn’t receive notifications.

However, the manner to depart the WA institution defined above can nevertheless be recognised via way of means of the institution admin. Because, the WA institution admin nevertheless gets notifications if there are different individuals who “go away institution” aka go away the WhatsApp institution. Besides being capable of be performed on Android, the way to go away a WA institution with out being observed at the iPhone has additionally been carried out to customers of iOS-primarily based totally devices.

That’s the discussion about how to leave a group chat WhatsApp on Android. Hopefully the tutorial above can be useful for you and thanks for reading.

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