How to Hide WhatsApp Chats Without Blocking Contacts

Recently WhatsApp brought new capabilities to chat archives. This way you can hide the chat forever and the user will never be bothered again after that.

WhatsApp says that this chat archive can set priorities for chats that are considered important. Archived messages will stay muted forever even if you receive new messages at a later date.

How to Hide WhatsApp Chats Without Blocking Contacts

However, this setting can still be changed by the user manually later.

“The archive on WhatsApp allows you to manage private messages and prioritize important chats. The Chat archive will still be archived and muted but you can still change it back,” WhatsApp said in its Twitter account, quoted Friday (30/7/2021).

In its official blog, WhatsApp says the purpose of this feature is to give users more control over their inbox. Apart from that it also stays on top of the most important chats.

Prior to this change, chat threads that were archived either individual or group conversations could be invalidated. This happens when the user gets a new message in the chat.

But it turns out that the ability was expanded again. Based on the user’s wishes, WhatsApp revealed they want messages to remain archived and hidden from regular messages in the Archived Chats Folder. For that reason, there was a change in Archive Settings.

To enable it, users can archive chats for unwanted individuals and groups. After that WhatsApp will separate archived chats when new messages arrive by default.

So later the user will not get any notifications from there. Except when they are mentioned or replied to a message.

Meanwhile, the user can disable it. You do this by going to the Keep Chat Archived option available in the Chat menu in the application.

WhatsApp tested this feature in April 2019 and made it available to a number of iPhone users last week. Whereas now iOS and Android users can also use it if they already have the latest version of the application.

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