How To Hide Unwanted Messages And Groups WhatsApp

As a messaging application, WhatsApp continues to develop over time. Now, WhatsApp is one of the popular applications that has various features to meet the needs of its users. One of these features is the “Archived Chats” feature.

Archived Chats is a feature that allows users to hide private or group messages from the chat list and move them to the archive folder. This feature helps WhatsApp users to organize the chat list view to be more neat and organized.

How To Hide Unwanted Messages And Groups WhatsApp

Initially, this feature can only be used by certain users and Beta Users, before finally being able to be fully used by all WhatsApp users.

Archiving messages is not the same as deleting messages. The message is still there, but will not appear in the chat list nor can it be backed up. Also, archived messages will not appear in notifications in the form of sounds, alerts, and pop-up messages. Based on these aspects, WhatsApp users can hide unwanted private or group messages. This gives the user the advantage that there is no need to delete or block contacts or leave groups.

This WhatsApp feature is also not a new feature and has undergone several updates. Incoming messages from archived message rooms won’t appear in notifications which is one of the things that the new “Archived Chats” feature has. Using the “Archived Chats” feature is simple. First, all you need to do is enter the chat list and select the message you want to archive by pressing the message for a few moments.

Once the message has been selected, press the archive box button with the down arrow. Next, the message will go directly to the “Archived” folder. In addition, users can also archive all messages in the chat list without the need to press messages one by one. Users can select the Settings menu then Chats and Chat History, before pressing the Archive All Chats option.

This feature helps to make the chat list display more organized from messages that are considered “annoying”. Users can still find out if there are incoming messages by going into the archive folder. The message box will rise to the top and bold or bold to indicate incoming messages.

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