How To Hide Message Preview On iPhone

This guide is all about hide message preview from iPhone lock screen. I will try my best for you to understand this guide well. I hope you all liked this guide on how to hide message previews from iPhone lock screen.

The default lock screen on iPhone and iPad is a preview of all received messages and text messages, showing the sender’s name and the body of the text message. This can be very convenient, but it also has the ability to share personal information and dialogue between other people, which can lead to embarrassing situations or unintentional disclosure of information to others.

How To Hide Message Preview On iPhone

If you prefer to hide this message from the iPhone lock screen, you can make adjustments to achieve the privacy you want. This tutorial walks you through how to hide message previews from iPhone lock screen.

To change the behavior of messages on the lock screen, there are actually two options, the first is to hide the message preview and otherwise only reveal the name of the message sender, but the message content itself is not visible. This option also hides all images or movies.

The second option completely turns off the display of messages on the lock screen, which means that the warning does not appear on the lock screen at all, completely hiding all message functions, including the sender’s name and all message content. The last option requires the user to visit the Messages app to view the sender and message.

How To Hide Message Preview On iPhone

To hide message previews from view on the lock screen on iPhone or iPad, here’s how to turn off text previews on the lock screen:

  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “Notifications”
  • Select “Messages” and toggle “Show Preview” to OFF
  • Exit Settings normally and the changes will take effect immediately
  • This setting is the same for all iOS versions, from iOS 10 to iOS 6, just search for Show Previews and turn it off.

Now when you receive an incoming SMS, MMS, or iMessage text message, only the recipient’s name is shown on the Home screen, while the message content is hidden.

Note that the message body is hidden on the lock screen, only the sender’s name is shown.

To view the full text or content of the current message, you can swipe the icon that launches directly into the message, or open the Messages app and review the entire message and view the attached image from there.

This is a decent privacy option that allows you to keep an eye on important messages in the sender’s visible name, and for many users it’s the perfect mix of privacy while being able to quickly get information about who’s contacting the device.

That’s our discussion above about how to hide message preview on iPhone. Hope this is useful for you and thanks for reading.

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